Zinc Vitamin & Zinc Deficiency symptoms

There are websites on the internet that say that refer to Zinc as “Zinc vitamin” and there are websites that say that Zinc is a mineral. However it is important to understand that while Zinc could be considered a vitamin in that it is very healthy for your body it is definitely a mineral by definition!

Zinc is believed by many nutritionists to be the most important mineral supplement because many people suffer from Zinc deficiency symptoms because it is very often lacking  in the standard diet while being essential to many enzyme systems and is an essential immune system vitamin.

Here are a couple of the key benefits of zinc:

It functions in a multitude of enzymes such as alcohol and amino acid metabolism, protein digestion, and energy production

It’s also believed to be one of the many prostate vitamins that are useful to keep your prostate as healthy as possible and especially prevent cancer. It’s important for reproductive health and is particularly important for teenagers during sexual development. The largest quantities of zinc in males are in the testes, where it’s used in making a continuous supply of testosterone which is of course essential for healthy body.

foods high in zinc
Oysters sometimes have a reputation of being an aphrodisiac and this might be due to the large quantity of zinc that they contain which is necessary for the good functioning of sexual organs

As previously mentioned it is of course important for your body’s immune function and also in fighting damaging free radicals naturally present in your body throughout your life. Zinc lozenges have become famous due to their many clinical studies

that have demonstrated that this mineral helps the immune system fight off colds and sore throat as

well as from recovering from injuries, illness, and even surgery. It’s very important for creation of proper T cell and natural killer cell functions in your body. Zin

c can be directly involved in antibody production to help you fight infections!

Finally, it may also protect against the toxic effects of chemical exposures.

Foods high in Zinc:

It is not always possible to get an easy amount of zinc from your foods. It is commonly found in plants but if the plans that you eat were grown in soil that was poor in zinc you will also of course not get much benefit from these plants. Zinc can also be found in shellfish, meat, liver, eggs, whole grains, nuts (for example consult the almonds nutrition values), and seeds. By far the best sources of zinc in high concentration are oysters, pumpkins and squash seeds. So, make sure you have some of these foods high in zinc in your diet!

Optimal quantity of Zinc daily:

You ideally want 15-30mg daily of Zinc if you are a man and 10-20mg for women. If you are currently afflicted by zinc deficiency you might want to go beyond this range for a short period of time.

Problems related to Zinc deficiency:

Zinc vitamin / mineral can cause toxic reactions in your body, such as a terminal pain, nausea, and vomiting when it is taken in excessive quantities. Zinc deficiency symptoms can be somewhat common and can be linked to more infections, a weakened immune function, delayed sexual development in boys and girls, and prostate problems for men. Other common symptoms of zinc deficiency include loss of appetite, impaired senses of smell and taste, hook retardation, delayed wound healing, depression, nervousness, inability to concentrate properly, night vision blindness, and slowed hair and nail growth. If you are suffering from zinc deficiency symptoms it is possible your diet lacks sufficient mineral nutrition so you might also want to make sure you are not suffering from magnesium deficiency symptoms or iron deficiency symptoms,

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2 Responses to “Zinc Vitamin & Zinc Deficiency symptoms”

  • Wanda Howard:

    I am 74 years old. Is 25mg of zinc too much for me to take. Would I get what I need in a multi vitamin like Centrum Silver? I eat mostly vegetables. Once in awhile chicken. Thank you

  • Alex:

    Vegetables are not the greatest source of Zinc, I also eat a lot of vegetables and without eating nuts and eggs or other very high sources such as sea foods (oysters, shrimps) I have trouble reaching my daily dose of 11mg. If you can take the time, try to track your intake on http://cronometer.com/ for 2 days and see how much zinc you are taking and then supplement. Taking excess of any minerals is always a bad thing and I think a 25mg of Zinc might be too high for you in supplement form (more of x mineral is not necessarily better, it’s important to have a balance between all vitamins and minerals.. ideally by having them all in your diet in the first place).

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