Vitamins For Memory

It is common knowledge that memory vitamins help provide clarity and focus to brain cells. Millions of people take vitamin supplements and herbs as well as participate in other brain stimulating activities to improve memory and concentration. There are several vitamins for memory improvement that help the brain to perform optimally. Insufficient amounts of these vitamins can lead to a decrease in memory function.


B Vitamins for Memory


vitamins for memoryThe most important member of the B vitamin complex family for memory is B12. Studies have discovered people who were showing B12 deficiency symptoms had poor memory that improved after increasing B-12 intake. Vitamin B6 also plays an important role in brain function. Getting at least 1.7 milligrams of these vitamins for memory on a daily basis is recommended.


Folic Acid


Folic acid, also known as B9, has been proven around the world to be one of the most effective memory vitamins in both young and old alike. In one recent Dutch study to properly understand the folic acid benefits, people 50 to 75 years of age were given a double dosage of folic acid for three years. The study concluded their memory test scores were compatible with people over 5 years younger.


Folic acid readily found in fruit such as strawberries, grapefruit and oranges. Dark green vegetables like broccoli, asparagus and spinach contain large amounts of B9 memory vitamins. In America and other countries, some food products like cereal and flour are fortified with vitamin B9 to prevent folic acid deficiency and to also help mothers with folic acid pregnancy. Folic Acid is also one of several vitamins for memory that can be purchased as a supplement.




Antioxidant memory vitamins improve memory function because they eliminate free radicals that damage healthy tissue in the brain. Among this group, vitamins C and vitamin E are the most effective vitamins for memory. Research is ongoing to prove whether these vitamins can be of benefit to people who suffer memory loss due to age. The U.S. Department of Agriculture recommends up to 95 milligrams of vitamin C and 15 milligrams of vitamin E daily.


While these vitamins for memory can also be found in supplemental form, you can find many antioxidant foods. Sweet potatoes, nuts and red tomatoes are full of beneficial antioxidants that can help with memory. Green tea and other herbal teas also have memory boosting benefits in addition to many other green tea benefits that you might want to look into.


Other Sources that Supplement Memory Vitamins


Omega 3 fatty acids are fat molecules which provide healthy fat which protects against brain inflammation that can lead to memory loss. Omega 3 fatty acids are found in cold water fish, flaxseed and its oil and a variety of nuts. You can read more about that subject in our fish oil benefits & flax seeds benefit posts.


Importance of Vitamin D memory


Vitamin D has also been linked to goo memory so it’s important that you do not have any deficiency in this vitamin. A lot of people do not have enough vitamin D, especially as they age so make sure you are not suffering from vitamin D deficiency symptoms by taking a vitamin d supplement and/or going outside at least 20 minutes a day under the sunshine.

There is a long list of supplements, herbs and minerals that support vitamins for memory. For centuries, the Asian herb Bacopa Monnieri has been used to treat memory and concentration. Acetyl L-Carnitine is an amino acid that is able to penetrate the brain for better memory. Herbs like Ginko Biloba are well known for their ability to improve the flow of blood to the brain and other organs of the body.

The most effective way to utilize memory vitamins to improve brain function is to assess whether you are lacking any of the main vitamins for memory; namely antioxidants and B vitamins. If eating more foods that contain these vitamins does help, consult a doctor or dietitian for advice about vitamin supplements or lifestyle changes that will improve your memory.

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