Vitamins For Joints

Vitamins are crucial components that your body needs to work efficiently. The eradication of vitamins from within your diet may make you more susceptible to illness, not only that but illness its self may be caused by a vitamin deficiency.  For instance being Vitamin C deficient can lead to scurvy, which is a treacherous condition. Some of the symptoms of scurvy include spots on the skin alongside bleeding mucous membranes.

Not many people are aware of the implications associated with insufficient vitamin ingestion such as vitamin d deficiency symptoms. Some of the vitamin D benefits for example are that it plays an imperative part in the absorption of calcium alongside being a mechanism in the development of teeth and bones. Being deficient in this key Vitamin can lead to the formation of rickets in children and Osteomalacia in adults.

vitamins for joints and good joint healthOsteomalacia is a condition in which bones become soft and fragile this is caused by malfunctioning bone mineralization.  Joint pain may be an indication that you are Vitamin D deficient. Research undertaken showed that deficiency in Vitamin D was linked with    musculoskeletal pain. Research undertaken also highlighted a relationship between Vitamin D deficiency and chronic back pain so vitamin d is definitely one of the vitamins for joint pains.

As stated previously Vitamins are imperative in keeping your body healthy and working at its highest level. Without a balanced diet you make yourself more susceptible to illnesses, this is because key components your body needs to strengthen immunity are missing. There are various vitamins you should be obtaining from your diet. Each vitamin has a different role in which it plays in keeping your body healthy and functioning productively.

Arthritis is a collection of different conditions which entail damage to joints in the body. Strikingly there are more than 100 different forms of arthritis. One of the chief symptoms of arthritis is continual joint pain; in some cases pain exclusively loiters around the defective joint it’s self. The pain felt stems from an inflammation that takes place around the joint.

There has been Research into vitamins for joints and arthritis. Research showed that suffers of arthritis with the highest consumption rates of vitamin C, were less likely to injure or strain joints. This was in comparison to those whom also had arthritis but had lower consumption levels of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is an antioxidant Vitamin,  its antioxidant attributes enable it to tame free radicals which may otherwise cause unhampered cell damage.

Some other important Vitamin C benefits are that it also is imperative in the development of collagen. Collagen itself is a vital constituent of cartilage and bone. Since vitamin C is water soluble, you do not risk vitamin c overdose even if you take high amounts of it (within reason). Another antioxidant Vitamin which may provide innately useful is Vitamin E.  This antioxidant nutrient might provide invaluable in the reduction of osteoarthritis pain, in addition of the other Vitamin E benefits such as how it may also have good effects on leg cramps.

Also, omega 3 is known to help reduce inflammation so it might be another essential vitamins for joint pain relief. For more information you might want to read my post on the fish oil benefits and also on the topic of the fish oil side effects since you definitely want to avoid them, possibly by taking the best fish oil supplement you can find.
Sufficient amounts of Vitamin E, C, and D are very important. These Key Vitamins should be ingested into your bodily system in order to aid good health and have all your proper vitamins for joint health. This should be done preferably via food as some supplements may not contain vital micronutrients and other critical substances found within specific foods. Remember to seek medical advice first if you begin to feel sudden joint pain. Also seek medical advice if you have been experiencing pain in your joints over a long period of time.

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