Vitamin D Benefits

It is basically common knowledge that vitamin D is essential for your body to properly absorb calcium and when aiming for strong bone health make sure you have some vitamin D sources and regular exercise. But that is just one of its benefits. Vitamin D has many other advantages besides avoiding vitamin D deficiency symptoms.

Vitamin D is an essential immune system vitamin. It’s very important for the health of your T cells that protect you against diseases.

It’s also believed to help you against many autoimmune diseases.

Three of the more recent discoveries on vitamin D benefits are discussed here.

It has been long known by medical expert that there is a strong connection between low vitamin D levels and severity and frequency of asthma attack, particularly in the case of atopic asthma (caused by the hypersensitivity of the airway). However more recent studies show that increasing vitamin D level not only improves lung function but it also enhances the effects of corticosteroids, the drug that is commonly given to asthma patients for relief. This finding can be very useful to asthma patients, especially those that require extra dosage of the corticosteroid, as some researchers now believes that all these patients needs now are extra vitamin D in their diet, making increased dosage unnecessary.

Vitamin D benefits

Vitamin D works together with calcium in order to give you strong bones!

A recent study in Tokyo’s Jikei University School of Medicine suggests that vitamin D might work better at preventing flu than vaccines or anti viral drugs. The study involved about 350children between the ages of 6-15. Half of these children were given an increased amount of vitamin D, where as the other half were given a placebo. In the first month of the study the infection rate were the same in both groups, But after two months it was noted that the children with the vitamin D supplement were only half as likely to be infected then the other group. Neither anti viral drugs or vaccines made especially for the flu virus could match this success which showed another benefit of vitamin D.

A new study by the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta conducted a study where they took a group of students with vitamin D deficiency and started giving half of them a daily dosage of 200 IU of vitamin D and the other half 400 IU of daily dosage, which is also the recommended dosage. At the end of the study it turned out that the students taking 400 IU a day continued to have deficiency, where as the other half not only showed less deficiency but it also showed a great deal of improvement in arterial stiffness, a condition which is associated with heart diseases and strokes.

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