Vitamin D and BodyBuilding

The Vitamin D benefits are widely known for its integral role in promoting skeletal health. While the importance of the D vitamin to the bones is undeniable it offers more than the promotion and regulation of calcium in the body. In recent studies, it showed that Vitamin D has cancer-fighting properties that may reduce risks of breast cancer, there were also research claiming that the sunshine vitamin can help address issues of depression. Unlike other types of supplements, the form most common in supplements which is Vitamin D3 does more than just helping the sick and diseased, several studies have suggested that the vitamin D3 benefits are also very important for bodybuilders.

Vitamin D, what’s in it for you?

It is an established fact that Vitamin D generates calcium absorption in the body thus creating a strong and healthy skeletal system. In addition, it also plays a pivotal role in having the muscles that can support the act of bodybuilding, in short Vitamin D benefits bodybuilders, weightlifters and other similar fitness enthusiasts.

A  literature review conducted by Dr. Lisa Ceglia suggests that vitamin D supplements have a significant contribution to muscular strength as well as speed and the effect is even better when coupled with calcium. This study was published and in the Current Opinion in Clinical Nutrition and Metabolic Care on November of 2010. It was also said that regular Vitamin D supplements improves fast-twitch muscle fibers. The fast-twitch muscle fiber plays an integral role for explosive movement, one very good example is weightlifting.

Talking Beyond Calcium

Everybody knows that without Vitamin D calcium absorption is impossible, what others may not know is that Phosporus absorption is also dependent on this vitamin. Calcium, aside from being responsible for bone health is also important for muscular contraction. It is very vital to have sufficient calcium deposit both in the bones and in the muscles since the bones support the muscle tissues and for the muscles  to properly manage hard contractions. Some of the symptoms of vitamin d deficiency are insomnia, loss of apetite, visual problems and weight loss.

In another research, it was found out that Vitamin D later on converts into a steriod hormone. As such, it will have impact on strength. As the D vitamin is already in its active form, it binds certain kinds of receptors which are located in the membranes and nuclei of the muscle cells. And the moment these receptors are binded, it improves muscle contractions and most importantly, gives way to protein synthesis which builds up the muscles protein that promotes muscle growth. According to studies, certain types of receptors may be held responsible for greater muscle size and strength and normal levels of vitamin D will help keep your receptors active for maximum muscle function as well as strength and muscle growth.

Vitamin D is one of the few vitamins that you can get for free, a 15 to 20 minute sun exposure in the morning may be enough to give you the amount that you need for the day and avoid vitamin d deficiency symptoms. However, this vitamin is present in food and is always available in capsules as a medical supplement for convenience purposes.

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