Vitamin B6 Benefits: The Mood Vitamin


There are numerous vitamin B6 benefits to your body, vitamin B6, pyridoxine, is often called the “mood vitamin” because it’s very important for helping our brains and metabolism. Your body requires vitamin B6 to convert amino acid L-tryptophan into a neurotransmitter called serotonin. Neurotransmitters connect nerve cells to the next and enable cell to communicate with each other. It is also an essential component of enzymes that metabolizes proteins and fats in your body to get the maximum energy and nutrients from food. As you can see B6 is a very powerful co-enzyme because it most often works with other vitamins and nutriens in your bodies to produce its benefits.

Supplementing your diet with vitamin B6 will most likely have excellent benefits to your health as both a defensive medicine for heart disease and reprieve from a number of ailments related and including depression due to the previously mentioned importance of serotonin. While some of these researches have been contested after their publication in terms of “do these benefits really apply to B6” here are some of them anyway for your information. The reason vitamin B6 can help with heart disease is that it helps lower blood levels of homocysteine, an animno acid produced when you digest proteins. A high level of homocysteine has been declared by the American Heart Association as an independent risk factor for heart disease. There are also reports by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition from 2005 that a high homocysteine level might be correlated with an age-related decline in memory.

Vitamin B6 deficiency has been linked to schizophrenia, autism, and irritability. Deficiency in B6 has been studied in people who have been diagnosed with epilepsy, acne, and arthritis. Clinical studies have shown benefits of B6 in treating carpel tunnel syndrome, asthma, endometriosis, premenstrual syndrome, edema, atherosclerosis, acne, Attention deficit disorder, schizophrenia, depression.

It has also been discovered to women during premenstrual syndrome. Mood swings, loss of sex drive and depression have been noted when the women are on hormone substitute therapy and pyridoxine is in short supply.

Where to get Vitamin B6?

You can find B6 in many foods such as oatmeal, cold cereal, bananas, prunes ( dried or cooked), boiled plantain, soybeans, potatoes, beans, nuts, seeds, chicken, lean lamb and beef liver. In certain countries like the Unites States some bread products are made with refined grain which have added vitamin B6. It is also best when eating

How much B6 should you take if going with supplements?

If you want to take B6 in supplement form than you should aim for around 2 to 3 mg daily from a capsule, tablet or powder. You do not want to reach high amounts exceeding 50mg because it could lead to damaged nerves in arms, legs, hands, and feet.

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5 Responses to “Vitamin B6 Benefits: The Mood Vitamin”

  • Cosar:

    I am a PD sufferer . Think that B6 control is a must !!

  • Doreen Chalke:

    I am a 63yr old woman who has long passed the Menopause and had my last period at 50 yrs old.Symptoms (sweats flushes etc)started in my 40’s so I have had these for twenty yrs now.Unable to have HRT from prev Embolism,I have exhausted every possible cure,Ha Ha.Then I saw my GP a wk ago regarding a different prob and just by chance I again mentioned my horrific sweats which I have day and night.He has just put me on B6 and almost imediately they have improved,yes I am still having them but they are not half as bad.WOW 20yrs and now by chance this has improved my life.WHY hasnt ANY Doctor told me about this before.Over The Moon,jumping for joy.Overwhelmed,

  • Gail Stull:

    Living near the coast and being involved in outdoor activities as a teen and young woman, whenever I would go in the sun (as I often did at that time), I had a problem with a severely itchy rash on any skin exposed to the sun.

    At some point my mother read somewhere that vitamin B6 supplementation prevented rashes from the sun. From that day forward, whenever I was planning to be in the sun, along with the sun lotions, I would take 100mg of B6, and another 100mg halfway through the day and amazingly the rashes stopped. Vitimin B6 supplements were/are always in my beach bag and I always bring it along on vacations.

    At this point of my life I am not in the sun as much, but I still take vitamin B6 supplementation if I am out in the sun gardening, walking on the boardwalk, beach, etc. Give it a try. It works.

  • Karen Corirossi:

    I have Fibromyalgia and the main thing that causes the over activity in the nervouse system is caused by lack of Seritonin. It was suggested to me that I should take vitamin B6 sinc it directs the seritonin to where it needs to go? Is this correct? I have started taking B12 2000mg and 50 mg of B6 for energy and hopefully help with the over active nerves.

  • Juanita Boyd:

    can b6 help me in sleeping at nights?

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