Vitamin B12 injections

Vitamin B is quite unique in that it is part of a set of vitamin b complex benefits for your body and scientists have divided it in 12 groups. All of these components are very important for your body. Among them some of the most noteworthy benefits of vitamin B12 is that it is very effective in stabilizing the condition of people that have pernicious anemia. In fact, many people that have  pernicious anemia take vitamin B12 injections. Pernicious anemia is a condition wherein the body cannot absorb the B12 Vitamin from dairy products or other foods that contain the vitamin so they instead rely on taking vitamin b12 shots. Of course it’s also important to take B12 to not be affected by any of the common vitamin b12 deficiency symptoms.

The b12 injection is important because this will help the body absorb the needed vitamin B12. There are reports that this type of injection is very painful because it has to be struck very deeply in the muscle of the person.

B12 shots side effects include mild diarrhea, nausea or headache. These side effects will pass as time goes by. However, there are side effects that are not very common and when this happens, the injections will have to stop as soon as possible. It’s possible to take b12 injections in the form of oral, sub-lingual and even nasal form as has been recently introduced by the supplement industry.

Some examples of uncommon side effects are: Chest pains, heart palpitations, rapid beating of the heart, muscle pain and weight gain. When these things happen, it is recommended that the patient consults the b12 injectionsphysician immediately because there might be a problem with the dosage or the medicine is not really compatible with the person.

There are even times when extreme allergic reactions occur. The allergies may vary from skin breakouts to difficulty in breathing. This reaction is not really very common but it can happen.

Some people who would like to lose weight or build muscles so they take what is referred to as b12 shots for weight loss instead of for other medical purposes. B12 injections do not directly help with losing weight but since b12 vitamins is often nicknamed the “energy vitamin” it does stay true to its name in that it should promote those who take a vitamin b12 injection into doing more exercise. Of course, ultimately it’s all dependent on you whether or not you actually do lose weight or build muscle.

Vitamin B12 injections are used to treat a variety of illnesses and medical conditions, some of which are detailed below.

  1. To cure pernicious anemia and treat age related vitamin B12 deficiencies.
  2. Hydroxycobalmin in combination with sodium thiosulfate is used to treat cyanide poisoning.
  3. Low vitamin B12 levels have been linked to the onset of Alzheimer’s disease, timely supplementation using B12 injections is known to lessen the severity of its symptoms.
  4. Studies have shown that the use of B12 injections can reverse/contain some cases of senile Dementia.
  5. Anecdotal evidence exists that the use of B12 injections has therapeutic value in the treatment of Autism/ADD and Multiple Sclerosis.

There are people who are not really candidates for taking vitamin b12 injections because of past conditions that they have had or because of some medicines that they took in the past. It’s also possible to have b12 overdose if not properly regulated. Take note that even over the counter medicines should be known by the doctor to ensure that an allergic reaction won’t occur. For instance, people who have Leber’s disease cannot be injected because it will only worsen the condition of their eyes. Some medicines will also not mix well with the injections and it is best that the patient remembers the medicines that he/she took for different diseases that he/she have had.

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