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Over the years USANA vitamins have become quite popular and as such have gained some notoriety and also some critiques including a few lawsuits against not specifically the vitamin’s health benefits but mainly against it’s business model which includes many vitamins that many customers feel can be overpriced compared to their competitors. It’s hard to accurately determine if USANA vitamins are better or worse in terms of quality compared to their competitors but their have been some negative reviews on these vitamins on the internet specifically but USANA has often proved these wrong.

In the year 1992, a brilliant microbiologist and medical researcher named Myron Wentz set up USANA Health Sciences Inc. In a relatively small period of time, the company he created has grown into one of the largest nutritional supplement companies in the world. Today the company sells its usana vitamins in more than thirteen countries worldwide with annual turnover exceeding $500 million. The company follows the MLM (Multi Level Marketing) model like Amway and currently has more than 200000 associates worldwide. USANA Health Sciences was part of the Forbes “200 Best Small Companies” list for three years in a row (2004-2006).

It is the only company in the nutritional supplement industry which uses pharmaceutical GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) to manufacture its products unlike other supplement companies which follow the GMP for food products. As a result, USANA products should be made from the best raw materials available and are regularly assessed for potency and purity by external laboratories and other government agencies.

Usana vitaminsThe company’s products can be divided into three main categories viz. nutritional supplements, diet and personal care. The various products of the company are detailed below.

  1. Nutritional Supplements: USANA’s nutritional supplement line is further subdivided into two product categories. The “Essentials” line consists of a Mega Vitamin supplement with strong anti-oxidant properties and an iron free Chelated Minerals supplement; both these supplements fulfill the daily vitamin and mineral requirements in a regular diet. They contain many patented USANA ingredients like “Active Calcium” and “Olivol” (an olive extract with strong anti-oxidant properties). As part of its Essentials line, USANA also offers “Body Rox” and “Usanimals” which are daily vitamin and mineral supplements specially formulated for adolescents and children respectively. The “Optimizers” line offers a series of supplements meant to optimize bone and joint health, digestion, brain function and immune system functioning.
  2. Diet and Energy: The diet line consists of various protein rich nutritional drinks and bars which come in different flavors like vanilla, strawberry, almond and mango etc. These low calorie drinks and bars are ideal for any weight loss program. The energy line contains a caffeinated energy drink named “Rev3 Energy” which contains various energy boosting ingredients like ginseng, citrate, L-carnitine and is completely free of artificial sugars and preservatives unlike most other energy drinks available currently.
  3. Personal Care: USANA’s personal care line consists of mineral based cosmetics, moisturizers and face packs, various shampoos and shower gels which are gentle on the skin and herbal toothpaste which is chemical and preservative free.

In conclusion USANA vitamins definitely do work but it’s hard to determine if they are really the best vitamins supplier. There’s controversy around the way they are sold due to the company using a MLM business model which has lured lawsuits over the past years.

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