Turbulence Training Review

Turbulence Training is a health and exercise program that combines resistance training and interval training along with bodyweight exercises. The goal is to train the body to burn calories and fat by boosting the metabolism. Before you buy the product, a thorough Turbulence Training review will reveal whether men and women from various ages and backgrounds can benefit from this regimen.

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The program’s author, Craig Ballantyne, is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and fitness and health expert known across the globe. In addition to Turbulence Training for Fat Loss, he is a frequent expert writer in several men and women’s health magazines. He also networks through the Internet on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and several health and fitness blogs.

Among the information we found during our Turbulence Training review is that the training is delivered online in the form of an exercise manual, along with other information. After purchase it is available for download and can be instantly viewed on the computer in Adobe Acrobat Reader (PDF) format.

How Turbulence Training Works

The program teaches users how to lose fat and build up muscle without doing cardiovascular exercises. Included with purchase are dozens of exercises, including beginner and intermediate workouts. Information uncovered during this Turbulence Training review revealed several differences between this program and other fitness regimens, including:

  • Most workouts encourage users to exercise at a slow pace on an empty stomach to promote fat loss. However, this program teaches how to do short spurts of exercise at different intervals during the day to change how the body burns fat and calories.
  • The Turbulence Training review we conducted explained that this program allows three 45 minute fitness workouts each week instead of every day. Following this regimen boosts metabolism and speeds up fat loss, especially belly fat.
  • Most programs teach that it is not possible to add muscle at the same time as losing fat. In its advertisement, the information states that the program uses the results of scientific research studies to prove that it is, in fact, possible by boosting metabolism. This is one factor that led to gathering information to complete a Turbulence Training review for ourselves.

Turbulence Training Review for Women

The program’s founder, Craig Ballantyne, is a regular contributor to women’s health magazines including Fitness Hers, Women’s Health, Maximum Fitness and Oxygen. He spent an extensive amount of time making changes to the program so that it would give women the best possible chance for fat loss success. He tested and then retested literally dozens of women until the program resulted in optimum benefits for his female clients.

When we looked for research about women who had completed a Turbulence Training review by using the product, we found dozens of positive comments. Many of them related to women who found success with burning fat from the abdominal area, including women who had recently given birth. Women in their 50’s, including one woman who owns a gym, have used the workout the same positive results.

Men and Turbulence Training

Included among the professional references found during our Turbulence Training review we discovered that the workouts were used during the online “Belly Off” weight loss incentive by the popular Men’s Health magazine. Other research showed that thousands of ordinary men have lost fat in their stomach area, increased their energy and improved overall health.

One gentleman, aged 51, participated in a recent 12 week Turbulence Training contest with excellent results. By doing the recommended bursts of fast paced workouts he not only lost 6 pounds but explains in his Turbulence Training review how the program assisted him with discipline, planning and accountability.

One Turbulence Training review from Australia was written by an experienced professional martial arts instructor and personal trainer. In his comments he stated he found success with the program and that his clients have used the system with impressive results as well.

What is Included

turbulence training reviewThere are three ways that you can try out the system and get started your own Turbulence Training review.

  • The founder of the program is so confident about the product that he offers a sample at no cost. Included with the workout sample is a report written by Craig Ballantyne about how cardio can actually be damaging to the effort to burn fat. By supplying your name and email address you also get a free weekly newsletter by email.
  • For $4.95 you can get a 21 day trial program to let you do a Turbulence Training review before you actually buy the program.
  • The basic program is valued at $550.00. Click this link to view the current special offer of $39.95 to $77.00 (with upgrades as outlined below).

In order to get a thoroughly complete Turbulence Training review it is best to try the total package which includes a lot more information than the basic workout. Upgrades to the package include doctor information about fat loss nutrition, expert tips for maximum fat loss using the program and a how-to guide which can teach you how to set and achieve reasonable goals.

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