Tips For Eating Healthy While On Vacation

A vacation is a time to relax and indulge. In a era where money is tight and a dollar doesn’t go as far as it used to, vacations are becoming fewer and further between for the typical American. When people are able to go on vacation they typically don’t want to be keeping track of things such as the amount of money they are spending or the amount of calories they are putting into their bodies. People often see a vacation as a time to cast reason and logic to the wind and indulge in food and drink, sometimes to regrettable extents. Fortunately, you can return home at same weight that you left if you have a simple game plan. Here are some easy tips to avoid bringing unwanted luggage home with you on your next getaway.

Drink Your Breakfast or Lunch

The majority of vacation destinations around the globe feature smoothies or fruit juices that are available within walking distance of your room. They are often healthy, tasty and are always an excellent way to literally drink in the vibe of your location. Getting your day stared with a dose of vitamins and fibers in local fruits and vegetables will get your metabolism going and provide you with a boost of energy. A light and healthy breakfast or lunch will also allow your body the chance to become hungry again toward the late afternoon, freeing up space in your stomach for a highly-anticipated and delicious dinner.

Utilize the Appetizers

Ordering food from appetizer or starter menus can be an excellent way to experience a variety of cuisine while keeping costs and the food portions low. Vacationers typically fall into bad habits when dining out while on vacation, often ordering extravagant and expensive platters with huge portions that are rarely finished. Taking leftovers back to a hotel room is not always an easy or even feasible endeavor. Splicing together a meal by eating various types of appetizers will also allow you to stop whenever you begin to feel full, as opposed to powering through a large plate of food in an attempt to get your money’s worth.

Walk As Much As Possible

Being on your feet and burning calories as often as possible is an excellent idea for vacationers, as it will keep the cost of transportation down and lessen the impact that the occasional delicious but fatty treats may have on your waistline. Walking will also allow you a better view and understanding of where the healthiest foods and restaurants are located. Open air farmers markets exist in nearly every civilized city in the world. Being on your feet will allow you to stroll through markets and stores without the hassles involved in parking an automobile.

Don’t Eat After 9pm

Avoiding food after nine o’clock at night is an especially wise move for vacationers. Extra pounds can be packed on quickly when desserts or room service is consumed in the wee hours.
This can be especially tempting after an evening of cocktails at a bar or club, but should ultimately be resisted in light of the strain it puts on your digestive system, which often lasts well into the next day. Fruit bars and granola bars are good items to have around if the rule absolutely must be broken.

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