The Diet Solution Program Review

The Diet Solution Program is a comprehensive regime that promotes health, well being and weight loss. The program offers a series of unique strategies that lead to long term fat burning and other strategies. It includes an all natural diet plus a nutrition program that is said to help people lose weight in a completely safe manner with guaranteed results.

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I decided to write this the diet solution program review because when buying some of these weight loss products it can get pretty confusing what works and what does not. Some say theirs a diet solution program scam while others say it works, I suppose that’s normal for weight loss products.


Before going into the meat of this the diet solution program review we’ll explore a bit of the background of the author. Isabel De Los Rios, the program founder, is the author of the book “The Diet Solution Program”. She first found her passion for health and nutrition as a young teenager. Both her mother and grandmother suffered from obesity and type 2 diabetes. While struggling with weight issues of her own, she became determined not to succumb to these health problems. She began to intensely study nutrition and diet books every chance she had. She researched possible reasons for the health problems in her family and sought help from doctors and health professionals for successful solutions.

Years later, Isabel graduated from Rutgers University with a degree in exercise physiology. She continued in her training to later become certified in Strength and Conditioning; a certification awarded by the National Strength and Conditioning Association. Other credentials include Holistic Nutrition Lifestyle Coach and nutrition counselor. Recipients of her specialized counseling include diabetic patients, cancer survivors, people with heart disease and those struggling with obesity.

Isabel De Los Rios is also the owner of a popular fitness and nutrition center in New Jersey. Many well known professionals around the world who are also in the fitness industry seek her helpful advice about fat burning and nutrition. Following her own strategies over time has led her to successfully reach and maintain her ideal weight which is always important when considering any the diet solution reviews since you want to make sure the owner is actually benefiting from her own proposed solutions!

The Program

The Diet Solution Program ReviewThe program combines support and education through her line of books, media and online seminars. These avenues provide focus for people who are serious about losing weight. Nutrition is approached in a completely different way than other programs. Isabel De Los Rios has taken years of research and developed solutions that other programs miss. Ms. De Los Rios highlights that the Diet Solution Program is ideal for those that have struggled with weight loss for years and are seeking a program that will provide long term solutions.

The program sheds new light on weight loss concerns that have been confused thousands of dieters of the years. The program reveals how calorie counting, for instance, can actually be one of the worse things a person can do to lose weight. Carbohydrates have been called the enemy to the diet. The Diet Solution Program clearly explains how people can eat carbohydrates and still burn fat in a healthy manner. It offers information on which so called “healthy” foods actually encourage the body store fat as well as other well researched weight loss facts.

Benefits and Advantages

One of the benefits to this program is that it effectively changes the behavior of the dieter, which results in long term success. For most people, this results in a sustained boost of energy and vitality. Among the many other advantages that have been reported by participants in the program are:

  • Decreased blood sugar
  • Clearer skin
  • Better digestion
  • Lower cholesterol levels
  • Improved digestion

Along with proper training, another key to the success of the Diet Solution Program is its emphasis on changing mindsets, effectively thinking “outside the box”.  One aspect of the program stresses that dieters eat lots of correct foods to lose weight. This concept is the complete opposite of what many frustrated dieters are told, which is that they must decrease the amount they eat to lose weight. This is one feature that sets the weight loss program apart from all others. It takes a fresh, in-depth approach to equipping people to successfully lose weight for good.

Several useful tools are available for participants in the program. These include a list of various foods and an explanation of what effect they have on various parts of the body. This essential tool helps participants create custom meals based on their individual body type which will provide the fastest results. Dieters also have access to tons of healthy recipes to make a wide variety of delicious meals that will help them lose weight.  Enrollment in the program also includes shopping lists, step by step information on actions that lead to success and a 60 day guarantee.


As with any weight loss program, there has been criticism. Some like to take things out of proportion and claim “the diet solution scam” based in the one claim is that it has falsely led dieters to believe that anyone, with very little effort, will lose as much as 15 pounds in 6 weeks. Information about the program does, in fact, state that dieters will have success if they follow the instructions. Yet, in its advertising the program indicates that weight loss is “guaranteed” and that “anyone” can do it. No weight loss program works universally for everyone. Many factors such as health, discipline and habits play a part in whether a person loses weight and keeps it off. So is there really a diet solution scam? Probably not, but like all diets some will work better for you than others

The Diet Solution Program is advertised extensively on the Internet and through other media. For some people this has led to the opinion that the marketing strategies of the program are too aggressive. In all fairness, however, the program, including books and other tools, are sold almost exclusively through the Internet; which makes it the logical place to advertise the products.


Today, word about The Diet Solution Program reviews which are often quite positive continues to spread with many satisfied customers giving it rave reviews while others still find criticism. Isabel De Los Rios has helped over 25,000 people around the globe with their struggle to lose weight. She currently shows no signs of the diabetes which led her on the path to starting the healthy fat burning program. As of this date, she continues to educate, inspire and change the lives of thousands of people.

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