Six Pack Abs Diet

One of the most recent craze in fitness is the six pack abs diet. Both men and women desire that lean and muscular flat stomach seen on fitness commercials. Fitness experts and medical professionals alike agree that it takes hard work to achieve such results, including a diet for six pack abs as well as physical training. As this article will explain, a six pack diet is more than just cutting calories.


Six Pack Abs Diet and Metabolism


To achieve a flat stomach the six pack abs diet must help the body’s metabolism perform at optimal levels. In other words, the metabolism should be paced as high as possible. A person can change the way they eat, including how many times a day meals are eaten. A six pack diet usually replaces three meals per day with six smaller meals. The purpose for this is to help enhance the metabolism that burns calories and provides weight loss.


How Nutrition Affects a Six Pack Abs Diet


Six Pack Abs DietProper nutrition is essential for overall health, especially when trying to lose fat. The body must be fed food that is nutritional for good health both during and after the six pack diet in order for the person to stay healthy. The food should be mainly natural, whole foods with as little fat as possible. Processed foods and fast foods are bad for the health, and definitely counterproductive in a six pack abs diet.


Foods to Avoid


There are certain types of food that should be avoided completely when trying to get flat abs. These include:


  • Carbonated drinks like soda
  • Fructose corn syrup
  • Chocolate
  • Processed white sugar
  • Processed flour including white bread


Basically, any food that is unnatural or processed should be avoided on a six pack abs diet.

Food that is Allowed on a Six Pack Abs Diet

There are some foods that are good to eat while on this diet. These foods include:


  • Natural peanut butter
  • Most fruits and vegetables
  • Whole grains and nuts
  • Lean proteins such as fish and chicken
  • Eggs

Of course, drinking lots of water is good for people on a six pack abs diet or for anyone. Fitness experts advise that if a person slips up and eats the wrong food to not give up but immediately get back on the diet.



A six pack abs diet will also include weight exercises such as weight lifting, abdominal workouts and cardio. This helps to get rid of the fat that sits on top of the abdominal muscles; which gives the stomach that washboard effect. But exercise alone will not produce the washboard stomach that people look for. The exercise must be used in conjunction with a good six pack abs diet.


How Long it Takes to Get Six Pack Abs


The amount of time it takes to get a flat lean stomach is different for every individual. Factors such as health, age, weight and determination can make the process shorter or longer. Most experts agree that a person who commits to a six pack abs diet and exercise routine can usually see results in their midsection within ninety days. With the diet and consistent, challenging abdominal exercise each day, some people get their stomach muscles toned and lean within six months.

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