Rooibos Tea Benefits

Rooibos is the South African name for “redbush” which is a member of the legume family of plants grown in South Africa. Rooibis tea is made from this particular plant and has been used in South Africa for many generations. This reddish brown tea has a malty and slightly grassy flavour, but has also been described as naturally sweet with a nutty flavour. It is traditionally drunk in its native South Africa with lemon and sugar or honey and as the green tea benefits and white tea benefits are becomming well known in our society, research is being done to discover the rooibos tea benefits so in this post we will share the currently known benefits. Keep in mind green tea has been researched a lot more since it’s very popular in Japan where a lot of research is constantly being done.

In spite of very few studies on humans of the health benefits of rooibos tea, it is becoming popular among western countries for its health benefits. Animal studies suggest a very high concentration of antioxidants as well as immune-modulating and chemopreventive effects. One extremely important rooibos tea benefit is its lack of adverse effects making it available to anyone.

There are 2 types of rooibos tea, reddish brown colored, which is prepared by oxidation, and green, which is unoxidized. However green rooibis production is far more demanding which makes it more expensive to buy, and so generally the reddish brown tea is the more common amongst rooibos tea drinkers but both kinds have the same health benefits.

The most notable rooibos tea health benefit is the high presence of antioxidants like aspalathin and nothofagin. Antioxidants attack free radicals which are toxic compounds responsible for much of our illnesses. The high level of antioxidants is due to the many important minerals in the tea.

rooibos tea benefitsWe all are aware of how important iron is in transporting oxygen through our blood stream and into the cells of our bodies. Lack of iron causes fatigue and seriously low iron levels can create serious consequences. The iron in rooibos tea can help give your body the boost of iron it needs.

Calcium is vital to our bones and teeth to keep them strong and prevent osteoporosis and fractures.

The presence of zinc in rooibos tea may also be beneficial for warding off infections and to aid in body growth.

Other minerals present in rooibos tea are Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium and Flouride. The presence of all these minerals can only mean good things for rooibos tea drinkers and the fact it is all natural, caffeine free and there are virtually no side effects makes it even more appealing.

Some of the other noted rooibos tea health benefits are its contribution to a healthy heart by reducing cholesterol and helping to prevent blood clots, thus reducing the risk of heart disease. When substituted for regular tea, drinking rooibos tea thus reduces the intake of caffeine that can cause irritability, anxiety and insomnia. Tannins as well present in regular tea deplete iron in your system, and by substituting with rooibos tea, you avoid their negative effects. It has also been used for digestive disorders and allergies, and in traditional South African medicine for infantile colic, asthma and dermatological problems

Rooibos tea benefits along with its naturally sweet and malty flavor make it a wonderful alternative to other beverages and worth giving it a try.

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