Prostate Vitamins

Prostate Vitamins for Healthy Prostate.

The problem of an enlarged prostate which is often a prostate cancer is very common in average aged men similar to how women often get breast cancer. As the age of men increases, the probabilities of getting this problem also increase. There are many prostate vitamins available which help to fight against various prostate troubles as well as to diminish the threat of prostate cancer and assist in prostate problem recuperation.

Prostate Gland

The size of prostate gland is similar to that of walnut and it carries on growing as a man grows older. It is responsible for producing fluid for semen. An engorged prostate keeps weight on the urethra which makes urination terribly excruciating as well as effects erectile dysfunction.

Prostate vitamins can tackle these problems and do not just help in preventing BPH but also help in alleviating the soreness and slow the succession of a present prostate problem. By taking adequate amount of necessary vitamins, a man can uphold a healthy prostate.

Here are some vitamins that effect positively on the health of the prostate.


Lycopene is known to be very beneficial in extracting carcinogenic toxins from the body as well as help in the prevention of specific forms of cancer.


Reports suggest that the ingestion of Beta-Carotene is linked to a sturdy correlation with decreased prostate cancer in men.


Selenium is a natural antioxidant that helps in prevention and repair of cells damaged by free radicals which are directly responsible several types of cancer. The trial by the Nutritional Prevention of Cancer shows that supplementation of selenium diminishes the threat of prostate cancer amid men. It is true however that another studies has also shown the opposite in that taking selenium supplements does not help at all so this is still a debatable point. However, it definitely does not hurt to make sure you have some in your diet to make sure you take full advantage of the selenium benefits.


Magnesium is also considered as a useful vitamin for maintaining the health of prostate.

Vitamin B6

This vitamin is very beneficial for various body processes including prostate health.

Vitamin K2

An augmented ingestion of Vitamin K2 may decrease the threat of prostate cancer by about 40 percent; reveal reports from a recent Japanese study. You can find it in most dairy and meat products.

Vitamin C

prostate vitaminsVitamin C is a strong antioxidant and very important for the prostate’s health as well as for the many other vitamin c benefits. The best sources of vitamin c are citrus fruits and green vegetables.

Vitamin E

Recently revealed reports by a trial in Finland have shown a strong and shielding effect of Vitamin E against several forms of prostate cancer and mortality. This is mainly due to the very strong antioxidant properties it shares with vitamin C. You can find vitamin E in dairy products, vegetable oil, and leafy vegetables such as spinach.


It is involved in a large number of processes of cellular metabolism, and plays a significant role in protein synthesis, immune function, cell division and wound healing. It has been discovered that supplementation of zinc is very beneficial in prostatitis. Pumpkin seeds, which are good sources of zinc, are known to be remedy for prostatitis.

Above 35 million men worldwide go through the prostate problems that bring about harmful health consequences as well as decreasing quality of life. These problems can obstruct everyday life and bring about urination problems, sleep annoyance from nocturnal urination, aching lower back as well as sexual dysfunction. Nutritionists worldwide have the same opinion that the supplementation of some specific vitamins cannot just prevent prostate health problems, but can improve prostate health on the whole as well. They recommend men in general should decrease dietary fat, consume fresh vegetables and fruits and obligate to a habitual exercise schedules for maintaining healthy prostate. Of course, this healthy lifestyle will manifest itself in much more than only a healthy prostate, you will have a much healthier body in general!

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