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Why is it important to have a balanced pH?

Having a balanced pH is very helpful for healthy metabolic exchanges in your body. What this basically means is that all the liquid in your body properly flow and the elimination of junk is properly taken care of. Imagine that you’re living in a period of stress because you must work a lot more than usual. You eat and sleep less, and eventually you might also do even less exercise for a few weeks. Sleepiness starts and the pH of your body starts to lose its equilibrium which chains into more toxins flowing to your body and not being taken care of properly. You might also simply start to not digest properly the food you eat which will make it harder to pull the nutrients that you need to be at your health peak. If this situation continues you might have multiple health issues such as persistent tiredness, stomachache, skin problems such as eczema and pain in your articulations.

What is the pH?

PH means potentiometric hydrogen ion concentration. It’s a scale that goes from 0 to 14 that basically quantifies the number of hydrogen ions in solution. At seven, the solution is neutral while under seven it becomes more and more acid. Above seven, a solution would be described as more alkaline. Your body usually has the pH around 7.35 to 7.45. Being outside of this zone is extremely unhealthy and can lead to death.

How can you know the pH of your body?

You can find most drugstores something that will allow you to test your Saliva and is sometimes called pH Hydrion test paper. You will have to use this paper when you wake up in the morning or before going to bed because the main goal is to not have drunk or ate anything recently to get an accurate reading. You’ll have to do this for many days to eventually be able to have a reasonable average. If you insist on an extremely accurate pH analysis than you can also ask for a blood test.

So how can you have a healthy pH?

A lot of these are applicable to commonly improve your health and work well to achieve a healthy pH.

The first one is to simply breathe properly and if you are a person that often has a lot of stress than simply take the time to take deep breaths. This works because as you breed you’ll expose CO2 which is acid while absorbing oxygen which is an alkaline.

Another easy way is to drink a lot of water. Water is extremely important to your body because it helps trow toxins away when you urinate.

Exercise is very important even for pH balancing because not only does it help you breathe properly it will also go welded water to reject more toxins in your body while of course keeping you healthy true physical exertion.

Finally, what you eat is another major factor because certain foods are naturally more acid or alkaline than others. So if your body is too much near an extreme than you might want to prioritize taking food of the other extreme that will help balance.

Here is a list of food that is primarily acid that you might want to eat in moderation.

Red meat, salmon, many milk byproducts, tea, coffee, sodas, chocolate, sugar, tomatoes, strawberries, blueberries bottled juice, peanut butter artificial coloring, preservatives, artificial flavors and vinegar. While this is not a foolproof list but it does give you basic idea of foods that most of us commonly eat that are more on the acid side. In other words, since most people need to reduce their acid intake try to stay clear of fatty meats, sweets, chocolates & alcohol. Meals that you must put in the microwave are also a big culprit since they are usually filled with plenty of preservatives which usually mean a lot of salt.

Here is a list of food that is primarily alkaline that you might want to increase consumption depending on your needs.

celeri alkalineRice, nuts, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, carrots, cucumbers, pumpkins, celery, apples, cheese, bananas, melons, coconut and cheese. Once again this is not a complete list and serves only as some good examples that explain that you should stick to salads, healthy nuts and vegetables. While drinking a lot of water of course!

In resume, to regulate pH you do not need to do anything completely different than usual healthy habits that are promoted in most diets and active lifestyles to lose weight. Exercise, eating well, sleeping well, controlling your stress and drinking water is honestly all you need.

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