Olive Oil Benefits

Olive oil benefits date all the way back to ancient times. It is a natural juice that comes from the olive and the only type of vegetable oil that can be eaten freshly pressed without processing. The numerous benefits of olive oil lead the ancient Greeks to compare it to liquid gold. The components that comprise pure olive oil make it one of the most popular oils in the world for culinary and medicinal use.

Olive oil has several health benefits that you can take advantage of.

How Olive Oil Benefits the Heart

– Olive oil’s phenolic content increases arterial elasticity, which over time can reduce the risk of stroke and heart attacks.

Olive oil contains a high amount of monounsaturated fatty acids. Olive oil is also a great antioxidant rich food, such as vitamin E, which reduces oxidative stress in your body; which is beneficial to all major organs in the body. Because of these properties the benefits of olive oil include protection from heat disease. The oil controls bad cholesterol and raises good cholesterol for a healthier heart.

– Possesses mild laxative properties which can be helpful for those with constipation.

– Reduced risk of coronary heart disease with olive oil’s monounsaturated fat content.

– Lowers cholesterol levels, in addition it lowers blood sugar levels and blood pressure.

– Helps maintain a healthy balance between omega-6 and omega-3 fats by displacing omega-6 without impacting omega-3 levels. You can read more about the importance of this ratio on our benefits of fish oil and omega 3 6 9 posts.
olive oil benefits


Olive Oil and Colon Cancer


Spanish research is beginning to suggest that prevention of color cancer is another one of the main olive oil benefits. In a study that fed rats a diet that included olive oil, these rodents had a much lower risk of colon cancer than other rats that were given safflower oil. The olive oil benefits to the rats that ingested olive oil were comparable to those who were fed fish oil.


Olive Oil Benefits Digestion


Olive oil helps prevent constipation reducing the chances of an unhealthy digestive tract. Other intestinal benefits of olive oil include the prevention of ulcers in the stomach, gastritis and other harmful digestive diseases. In otherwise healthy people, the stomach can effectively digest olive oil with little problems. Olive oil also activates bile and hormones needed by the pancreas and reduces the chances of the formation of gallstones.


Benefits of Olive Oil to the Skin


Millions of people around the world apply olive oil directly to the skin as part of their skin care regimen since it contains many of the best vitamins for skin.. Extra virgin olive oil is often used as a moisturizer and as an ingredient in oil based cleansing methods. The antioxidants and vitamins it contains help delay aging and restore softness and elasticity to the skin. Men and women also enjoy the benefits of olive oil when shaving facial and body hair as it does not irritate the skin.

Miscellaneous Olive Oil Benefits

Healthy, versatile olive oil is commonly used to reduce earwax, moisturize hands and fingernails and as a soothing lip balm. Other benefits of olive oil that are not so commonly utilized include:

-Polishing wood furniture

-Lubricating stuck zippers

-Shining brass and stainless steel pots and pans

-Controlling frizzy hair

-Reducing hair ball and dull fur on cats

-Un-sticking doors

-Removing paint from the skin


– Virgin olive oil and extra virgin olive oil are less processed than other forms of olive oil, and will have higher phenolic and monounsaturated fat levels compared to others which will in turn lead to a higher chance for you to take advantage of the many olive oil benefits!

Historic Olive Oil Benefits


Historically, the olive tree was symbolic of abundance and peace. Jewish religious history relates that olive oil was used to anoint kings in Israel; a practice which dates back to King David. Grecian athletes believed in the benefits of olive oil and rubbed it over their bodies as a ritual before competing.  Jewish religious text, called the Talmud, reports olive oil and salt was used to control bad breath. Writings found in the Talmud also include consumption of olive oil as a memory enhancer.

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