Best Vitamins For a Healthy Life

We all need various vitamins for the overall well being of our body. It’s a great idea to research information about the best vitamins and supplements but their is so much information out there where do you start? This website is dedicated to providing information that, to the best of our current knowledge, is accurate. You will find information on specific vitamins, what they do and how you can acquire them in a normal diet ( which is usually preferable if possible) instead of supplements.

A basic overview is vitamin A is one of the most important of all vitamins for eyes and to a lesser extent for growth, reproduction, immune system and to treat acne. Vitamin C is probably one of the most popular vitamin/supplement because it has a broad range of verified vitamin C benefits and is easily digested by the body unlike other vitamins that are often recommended. Vitamin D is very important for the skin and should be taken especially during the winter when people go outside less often so make sure you look into vitamin D sources. Make sure to look into vitamin K foods and benefits because it’s an important coagulation vitamin that can easily be taken care of by adding vegetables ( if you do not already have some) in your diet!

Besides information on the best vitamins you might want to look into other nutrients such as omega 3 which is one of many of the benefits of fish oil that has started to become very popular due to the research supporting the effectiveness of fish oil to maintain a healthy heart, a healthy brain, healthy joint movement and it might even help with weight loss! Calcium should of course be taken everyday as its been proven to be especially helpful for your bones but did you know this is only true if it’s taken with vitamin D? You probably also are interested in knowing some of the most important hair skin and nails vitamins and immune system vitamins. You might also want to look into vitamin B6 benefits which is often called the mood vitamin because it’s an important vitamin for optimal creation of serotonin in your brain which in low quantities is often linked with depression!

Vegetarians should consfruits, one of the best sources of vitaminsider taking B12 vitamins supplements since their diets will rarely have any and you definitely want to look out for vitamin b12 deficiency symptoms. Since vegetarians also do not eat fish you might want to consider flax seed since they, among other beneficial things, contain omega 3 which is often only in fish. If you are debating about if you should eat flax seed or fish oil to have you needs in omega 3 met you might want to look into this flaxseed oil vs fish oil article that reveals the pros and cons of both sources.

If your looking for a weight loss solution you should probably consider a green tea diet because unlike most other diets you do not really need to stop starve yourself to death. Of course, eating healthy foods and doing some physical exercise will help you but the basis of this diet is that you rely on the green tea benefits which mainly center around the increased activity for your metabolism that it should slightly promote. Green tea is not a magic solution but it is also one of the best antioxidant rich foods so you might as well try to drink it on a daily basis even if your not actively using green tea for weight loss. If you don’t feel like drinking green tea everyday you might also want to try take some supplements which often come under the name of green tea extract and can easily be found online. If you prefer the taste of other teas that’s fine because most have similar health benefits such as the black tea benefits.

If you take vitamin or supplement pills it is also good practice to always take them with your normal meals since vitamins can often have chemistry going between them if taken together which amplifies their beneficial effects such as the previously mentioned calcium with vitamin D. Of course if the label on your container or your doctor specifically ask that you do not take the supplement with meals, then do not but this is very rare with nutritional supplements. Also, while the media often bombards us with vitamin supplements keep in mind you do not NEED to take these to stay healthy. You can build a diet that most likely includes all these vitamins but the reason most people do not is because it can be much more time consuming then simply taking a pill of something you lack in what you normally eat. Theirs also the previously mentioned advantage of if you do need eat a specific food due to diet ( vegetarian) or taste you can still take specific vitamins you are missing by using vitamin supplements. The optimal solution is to definitely build a diet that will cover all your vitamin/mineral/fatty acids needs on a daily/weekly basis. This website is a work in process that aims to have updated healthy vitamin, supplement and diet information over time as new studies are released. If you would like more information on a specific vitamin or supplement please contact us and we will put up an article on it.

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