Link Between Multi-Vitamins and Sleeping Issues

Do you suffer from a sleeping disorder or problem that leaves you lying awake night after night? The solution is sometimes as simple as taking a multi-vitamin that bolsters your immune system and aids in longer, better-quality sleep.


What a Good Night’s Sleep Does For You


A good night’s sleep promotes healthy living. It makes you more mentally alert, gives you more energy, and leaves you feeling more refreshed, making you more productive.


Vitamin Deficiencies and Problems Sleeping


Vitamins give your body the nutrients it needs to work properly, including allowing you to relax and enjoy restful sleep. You can cure or limit the symptoms of sleeping disorders and problems by taking vitamin supplements. Vitamins and their effect on your sleep include:


Calcium – Calcium deficiency symptoms can cause restlessness and frequent waking up during the night. A lack of calcium can lead to developing insomnia or perpetuate its symptoms.


Magnesium – Nervousness that prevents restful sleep can occur when your body does not receive enough magnesium. Some other magnesium deficiency symptoms are that it can also exasperate the symptoms of insomnia or cause you to sleep in a shallow state, resulting in frequent wakefulness.


Both calcium and magnesium deficiencies may also induce nighttime leg cramping, which prevents you from sleeping well.


Vitamin D – Vital for your body to absorb calcium, vitamin D deficiency symptoms are closely associated with narcolepsy and can increase the severity and frequency of the symptoms of this auto-immune sleeping disorder.


Vitamin B6 – Insufficient levels of the vitamin B6 can decrease the amount of serotonin your body creates, which inhibits your body’s ability to make the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin and may increase insomnia.


Vitamin B12 – Some of the most popular vitamin b12 deficiency symptoms are that they result in perpetual feelings of tiredness and an inability to sleep and are closely associated with insomnia.


Iron – Some examples of iron deficiency symptoms that you might notice at low levels are Restless Leg Syndrome, an inability to keep your legs still, resulting in interrupted and poor-quality rest.


To make sure you get enough of these vital nutrients, take a quality multi-vitamin that bolsters your body’s ability to sleep restfully.


A Good Multi-Vitamin Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank


A quality multi-vitamin is easy to add to your daily routine inexpensively. There is a variety on the market that won’t put a huge dent in your wallet. Daily multi-vitamins give your body the nutrients it needs to promote quality sleeping habits. They are simple to find, easy to take, and affordable on any budget. Finding the best multivitamin is not very complicated, theirs not much difference between most.


Tips for Sleeping Well


In addition to adding a multi-vitamin to your daily habits of healthy living, there are a number of things you can do to enhance restful sleep. Combining these tips with the use of multi-vitamins can greatly increase your quality of life and overall feeling of well-being. Try these tips if you have trouble sleeping:


Create a nightly bedtime schedule and stick to it.


Exercise for at least 30 minutes per day.


Use bright lights in the morning if you wake up before the sun rises.


Make your bedroom as dark as possible at bedtime.


Relax your body by doing something else when you can’t fall asleep within 20 minutes.


More Reasons Sufficient Sleep is Vital


Restful sleep is essential to your overall well-being. Not only does it improve your mental health, it can also promote better physical health. Restful, quality sleep helps keep your heart healthy and your metabolism working efficiently, turning your body into a well-tuned machine that requires less upkeep to stay happy, healthy, and well-functioning.


To promote restful sleep, take an affordable, quality multi-vitamin that gives your body the nutrients and fuels it needs. Your mind, body, and soul will eternally thank you for giving it the quality sleep it so desperately needs night after night.


Author Bio: Joel Mark is an online author who is passionate about basketball, weight training & fitness. When he’s not outside exercising, he studies a lot about health and nutrition, which runs the gamut from sleep apnea treatment to nutrition.

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