Important Tips to Get Pregnant – Fertility Diet, Exercise

Millions of women are having difficulty getting pregnant so this article will focus on tips to get pregnant.  Infertility has become a serious health issue and it is causing emotional stress to many women.  Worse, the majority of infertility cases have no explainable medical cause.

If you are grappling with infertility issues, adopting the right fertility diet tips could help you get pregnant.  The types of foods you eat could influence the production of hormones in your body.  A healthy diet therefore may play a crucial role in your effort to conceive.

The Importance of Foods to Conception

Tips to get pregnantEveryone knows that healthy foods are essential for good health.  You need to eat right in order to achieve optimum fitness.  If you are fit and healthy, then you are creating the most favorable condition for conception.

Healthy foods could help stabilize and optimize the production of insulin hormone.  Women could ovulate normally if they have healthy levels of insulin.  If you are suffering from insulin resistance due to poor diet, then your ovulation may become irregular.

So if you want to get pregnant or you are planning for pregnancy, then it is always best to develop a healthy diet to make the process of conception much easier.

Best Fertility Diet that Could Help You Get Pregnant

Women who are aiming for pregnancy should consume foods that are rich in iron to prevent iron deficiency symptoms. However, you have to get your iron from fruits and vegetable sources and not from red meat.  This means you need to incorporate more dark green vegetables, beans, and fruits to your diet.  Each day, you should be eating at least two servings of fruits and three servings of vegetables and beans.  Focus on leafy greens, iron rich beans, and fruits with high antioxidant content (helpful post on antioxidant foods).

Apart from iron, you also need to increase your consumption of folic acid.  Your chances of getting pregnant could be higher if your diet contains rich amounts of folic acid.  Dry beans, nuts, soy foods, and lentils are good sources of folic acid.  Other sources of folic acid include liver, egg yolk, potato, whole grain breads, banana, oranges, broccoli, beetroot, asparagus, and cabbage.  Make sure that these foods are always included in your diet as folic acid and pregnancy are especially well correlated. You will probably also want to keep taking folic acid once pregnant, many women choose to take supplements. You can read more about the folic acid benefits and folic acid deficiency in our other posts.

The Role of Exercise When Trying to Get Pregnant

Eating the right foods to get pregnant (Do you know that the Danish term is Bliv gravid) is very important.  However, exercise also plays a crucial role to pregnancy.  If you are developing a fertility diet system, make sure that it includes light to moderate exercises to the entire program.

It is not necessary to hit the gym everyday if you are trying to conceive.  Simple exercises like walking and light jogging could be enough to regularize your ovulation.  Low impact and low intensity cardio exercises are good for pregnancy.

So to recap, the most important tips to get pregnant is to follow a healthy diet and regular exercise program.  Remember that healthy foods could have a big impact on ovulation.  If you are eating right, your chances of conceiving would be greater.  And to complete your fertility regimen, you have to follow a low impact exercise program that could help boost the production of healthy hormones. As a reminder for once you do get pregnant, you should also research the importance of fish oil and pregnancy because omega 3’s are highly needed by all of us, especially during pregnancy.

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