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Since it is not very convenient for most people to drink four cups of green tea daily, health supplement companies in the United States and elsewhere have come up with green tea extracts. A Green tea extract supplement basically contain dried green tea leaves in capsule or powder form. They can be customized to contain a larger proportion of a particular green tea ingredient as desired and can easily be found at a local store or online on amazon. There are various standardized available types of green tea extract available today, but it is desirable to use only those products that contain at least 90% polyphenols and 55% EGCG. EGCG is a powerful antioxidant that current research explains might be as much as 200% more effective than vitamin E (antioxidant benefits). Green tea extract benefits are that they have been isolated as part of a green tea diet because of all the benefits associated with it which even include the help it gives your body in controlling fat which is why many people believe green tea and weight loss go hand in hand. Also, since green

green tea extract

Example of a highly rated green tea extract found online on amazon

tea is a rich source of naturally occurring caffeine; green tea extracts which do not contain caffeine will not be as beneficial as consuming green tea directly. However, some people believe that caffeine is one of the only possible green tea extract side effect for those who do not like caffeine by choice or medical condition. There are no other reported green tea side effects from extracts but pregnant women and those who use anti depressants on a regular basis might want to consult with their doctor for any potential conflicts.

The amazing green tea benefits make its regular consumption desirable. The use of a green tea extract supplement instead of “normal” green tea may be more convenient, but is definitely not as beneficial as directly drinking green tea, unless a supplement containing all the unaltered ingredients of green tea is used. Theirs has recently been a lot of information coming out on how a green tea diet that can be beneficial for your health so using green tea extracts for weight loss or for other health benefits should help you maintain your diet goals.

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