Green Tea Diet

Weight loss is a multi-million dollar industry indicating that obesity and weight issues in today’s world are not just frivolous passing thoughts but are becoming serious causes for concern affecting many which is why over time certain special diets like the green tea diet have appeared. Child and teenage obesity is on the rise and is becoming a leading cause of health issues in these age groups including diabetes and heart disease. Experts estimate 10% to 25% of teenagers and 20% to 50% of adults are overweight or have a weight problem.

Most people would like weight loss to be effortless with quick results and the majority of people searching for such a way have often tried numerous “fad” diets with minimal or no results, or have lost weight only to put it back on as a result of returning to previous eating habits.

green tea diet

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Controversy about possible detrimental effects of many weight loss products has been largely responsible for people seeking gentler more natural products. Looking for a safe and natural way to enhance weight loss should be a serious consideration to work in conjunction with a lifestyle change, and the green tea diet will offer you just that.

Studies of a chemical found in green tea, a polyphenol called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), have shown it to be effective in increasing energy expended during all activities we perform during the day by boosting our metabolism and promoting fat oxidation. It achieves this by a process called thermogenesis (producing heat in organisms). One of the added benefits of this increased metabolism is the fact that the green tea diet does not increase the heart rate which could cause adverse cardiac issues.

Green tea has been used for centuries in China and Japan for its noted health benefits as an antioxidant foods source, ant carcinogenic benefits and its ability to boost your metabolism. It is made by steaming the fresh leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant as opposed to fermenting the leaves, which destroys the effects of the EGCG compound. You might have recently heard about the green tea diet on shows such as Oprah’s. Also, due to its increase in popularity their has been supplements that have been created called “green tea extract” to help those who do not enjoy drinking green tea but that still want the amazing green tea diet benefits!

As for any negative effects of the green tea diet, there are relatively none. Green tea does contain caffeine, but considerably less than coffee and regular tea. So if you are already a coffee drinker and wanted to substitute one or all of your cups of coffee with green tea, then there is certainly no harm done and will more than likely be more beneficial in the end. The amount of green tea you need to drink to be beneficial is a matter of controversy and more of a personal choice. Depending on who you take your advice from, it has been suggested anywhere from 2 to 10 cups a day can be beneficial in weight loss, not to mention all of the green tea benefits!

Some people may not appreciate the taste of green tea, and for those people who find the taste unpleasant, there are alternatives in the form of capsules containing the necessary EGCG to implement an effective green tea diet plan.

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