Fat Loss 4 Idiots Review

This is a Fat Loss for Idiots review which includes detailed information about the popular weight loss diet. The research that led to the development of the product, the concepts behind the diet and other information will be outlined in throughout this Fat Loss 4 Idiots review.

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What is Fat Loss for Idiots (that people like to simply call fatloss4idiots)


fat loss 4 idiots review & fatloss4idiots information The diet program is based on an innovative approach to weight loss called calorie shifting, which will be outlined in greater detail later in this Fat Loss 4 Idiots review. The diet stimulates the metabolism so that it is active at all times; which is said to cause a continual loss of weight. It is suggested that people who are interested in starting the Fat Loss for Idiots review the times and amounts that they eat during the day and be willing to adjust them according to the plan.  The plan advertises that it can help people lose as much as 9 pounds within 11 days through its accelerated diet techniques.


Diets that Don’t Work


In order to create a successful diet, the developers of Fat Loss 4 Idiots review several other diets that are consistently unsuccessful for weight loss. Based on their review they find many other diets that fail and reasons for this failure rate such as:

  • Calorie restriction. According to the plan’s creators, drastically reducing calories automatically sends the body into self preservation mode. The body will respond by slowing down the metabolism to burn fewer calories as a safeguard against starvation. This function of the body has frustrated dieters who stop losing weight even though they eat less.
  • Low fat diets. Information we found while writing this Fat Loss for Idiots review was consistent with the creators statement that there is a recent trend of people are gaining weight while on low fat diets.
  • No or low carbohydrate diets. Fat Loss 4 Idiots states that people fail at low carbohydrate diets because the body becomes drained without this energy source. The weak feeling that people experience often leads to increased eating and weight gain. While low carb diets definitely do work, they can be very hard to maintain for many people since you have to strick yourself of many sources of foods including pasta, bread, fruits, almost all desserts…
  • Name brand weight loss programs. Fat Loss for Idiots review found that where consumers participate in diet programs where they buy pre-package foods was successful for some people. They concluded that others, however, were eager to lose weight more quickly than these plans allow.  Fat Loss for Idiots claims their plan is less costly since it doesn’t require people to buy prepackaged meals.

Research and Testing behind the diet by the creators


The creators of Fat Loss for Idiots review performed ongoing research and testing to find out why many people are overweight. They discovered that two basic reasons were due to eating the wrong types of food and getting the wrong types of calories with each meal. In addition, they found that people tend to eat meals throughout the day in patterns that cause them to gain weight.


Further Fat Loss for Idiots review discoveries included medical research which revealed that the brain releases hormones related to fat each time we eat. These hormones are what control how the body burns and stores fat. Based upon this and other information, the Fat Loss for Idiots diet program was formed.


Shifting Calories


The technique of shifting calories involves tricking the body to burn calories on a continual basis. Fat Loss for Idiots is based on the premise that hormones are manipulated by what people eat. The program teaches that the body takes a few days to recognize any change in calories.  By circulating carbohydrates and protein throughout the day, the body is forced to burn fat with each attempt to keep up with the caloric intake.


The Fat Loss for Idiots claims that eating different types of calories at various intervals, in effect, tricks the metabolism to produce more fat burning hormones at the end of each meal to attempt to keep up with the calorie shifting. In order for the body to go through this process users have to eat more than three times each day in a certain pattern to alter fat burning hormones.


What You Get


To compile an accurate Fat Loss for Idiots review requires the purchase of the diet plan. A payment of $39.00 allows access to an online membership area. Our Fat Loss for Idiots review found two ways to learn how to follow the diet plan; either through the membership area or by downloading the entire diet at one time. The guideline for the diet includes what food is allowed, the eating cycle and a menu generator. A separate diet program can be purchased for an added $20. Our Fat Loss for Idiots review found the tips for eating healthy that are included to be a helpful resource.

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Pros and Cons


We gathered together some common likes and dislikes of the diet in this Fat Loss for Idiots review. Among its popular features are:

  • The menu generator automatically schedules meals for 11 days which makes the diet easy to follow.
  • Including both proteins and carbohydrates offers a wider variety of food.
  • No calorie counting.
  • Three days of regular eating after each 11 day cycle breaks up the monotony.
  • The diet is reasonably priced.


Fat Loss for Idiots review research found two main reasons that people complained about the diet. The diet requires one full day of eating fruit and another day of vegetables within each 11 day cycle in order to lose weight successfully. This poses a problem for people who have a strong dislike for fruits and vegetables. Other cons about the diet were related to the material provided. Some found the instructions to be confusing or unclear to the extent they would not recommend the diet to other people.

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