Fat Burning Furnace Review

fat burning furnace reviewTitle: Fat Burning Furnace
Author: Rob Poulos
Link to buy fat burning furnace ebook: www.fatburningfurnace.com
Price: $39.97 Regular / 69.97 Deluxe (includes videos and more)
Guarantee: 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

The Fat Burning Furnace is a total health, nutrition and fitness program that has become very popular around the globe lately. The creators of the program claim that users can rapidly yet safely lose large quantities of fat from their bodies by doing just 45 minutes of exercise each week. The system appears to be widely accepted by men and women alike. But as with any diet or exercise program, opinions do vary about how well it works which is something to keeping in mind when reading this fat burning furnace review.

By the way, this is a fat burning furnace review, if you want to go to the official site it’s here.

Why am I writing this this fat burning furnace review

By the time I finish it, this post might be quite long… Well me and my best friend decided to start losing weight a few months ago and we tried a few different programs. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what worked best but I feel if I had only one product to buy related to weight loss that I would stick 100% to it would have to be this one. Also, before buying the program I was reading about possible fat burning furnace scams which also got me close to dissuading me from buying the fat burning furnace but having a bit of experience with trying weight loss in the past I know some programs will work best for some and not as well for others, I suppose we all have different needs.


The Fat Burning Furnace was created by Rob Poulos and his wife, Kalen Poulos. Rob Poulos is a United States author and fitness expert. In his early years he struggled with weight loss, along with poor health, due to obesity. Over the years he achieved a weight loss of over 40 pounds. He also overcame other issues that were related to his obesity and illness. Encouraged by this success, he and his wife began to apply techniques used in the Fat Burning Furnace to help personal clients to burn fat. The same regime resulted in a 60 pound weight loss for his wife. The combined success eventually inspired the couple to develop the Fat Burning Furnace ebook & system; which is now a very successful fitness regime.


In essence, the 158 page Fat Burning Furnace ebook is a set of helpful tools that helps users to focus on fat loss. In addition, it is a guide that assists users in toning up their lean muscle to reach an eventual goal of improved health along with reduced body fat. Recipes, meal planning and other helpful materials are combined with a total fat burning package that has proven to be successful for many people.

The basic principle behind the system is to teach people how lowering calories does not achieve fat loss. To the contrary, the creator of the program believes that cutting calories usually causes hunger cravings. As calories are reduced the body’s defense is to slow down its metabolic rate. This causes a plateau that can sometimes makes it impossible to lose weight since the body is fighting what it believes is death by starvation. This is of course also a problem of most diets for quick weight loss since you probably will regain everything after a while. Of course, you are probably wondering does fat burning furnace work? Or is it all a fat burning furnace scam that can be added to the pile of weight loss products which do not work??

Resting Metabolic Rate

Although controlling calories is one aspect of the system, the focus is more directed to increase the resting metabolic rate through nutrition and exercise. One tool to help accomplish this goal is a set of strategic workouts which are provided with the system. The workouts work in combination with proper nutrition to make them more effective.

A higher resting metabolic rate increases metabolism. This translates into increased energy, burning more calories and fat reduction. A person with a higher metabolism burns hundreds of calories more than others; including when they are sleeping. This allows fat to burn without having to cut calories to starvation levels.
The Fat Burning Furnace is not a series of intense cardiovascular exercises. Instead, the workouts concentrate on resistance training which can be done in the comfort of your home with little or no equipment. Each workout lasts from 25 to 35 minutes. The fat burning exercises work the whole body to provide maximum benefits including:
-Strengthening muscles
-Increased lean muscle

When done properly, the workout is done at a slow pace. The slower pace burns more calories and lessens the chance of injury. The result of the workout is a toned body with lean muscle mass. Muscle is an active tissue that burns fat more effectively than diet alone.


The diet part of the program teaches users how to focus on food that is nutritious, rather than on the amount of food they eat. Eating this way actually means that fewer calories are consumed since healthy foods tend to be lower in calories. Proper nutrition fuels the body and allows it to burn fat more quickly and efficiently.

The Fat Burning Furnace does not endorse diets that are high in animal protein. Instead, other food alternatives are encouraged that supply needed protein. These include a variety of grains, nuts and vegetables. These are foods that not only contain protein, but offer many other vitamins and minerals that are essential to good health.

fat burning furnace does it workPros and Cons

The system has received mixed reviews from various sources. Positive reviews about the product include the following:

-The system can be used by men and women of all ages
-The convenience of working out at home
-Plan includes email support from the program’s creator
-No long cardiovascular exercise to endure
-Grade “A” rating with the Better Business Bureau
-Almost instantaneous delivery and accurate billing

As expected, other people have a different take on some aspects of the program. Reviews of the Fat Burning Furnace system include the following comments:

-Basic package does not include workout videos
-Disappointment that the workout does not include cardio exercises
-Too much advertisement of a certain vitamin manufacturer in the materials
-Extra charge for the hard copy version of the program

fat burning furnace scam, probably notOrdering and Delivery

The E-Book version of the Fat Burning Furnace system is delivered by digital download in PDF format for $39.97. The cost is $69.97 when including the workout videos; which can be viewed from computer download or online. The system is also available for home delivery at an additional cost. A trial offer costs $4.97 for processing.

Currently, the three available packages offered are:

-The Deluxe package which includes the Fat Burning Furnace book and free email coaching for three months.
-The Ultimate package contains a metabolic calculator, software to track progress and body fat analyzing tool.
-An upgrade to the Blow Torch package consists of several hours of Rob Poulos demonstrating the program workout.

Hopefully this fat burning furnace review has given you a good idea about how does fat burning furnace work. If you are interested in learning more about this program, check out their main website. The company has a webpage dedicated to testimonials of people who have achieved success with the program; including before and after pictures (I wish I had a decent before picture but I did not take the time to do it, I suggest you do so you have a visual reminder of your before and after!). The testimonies come from people from all over the world including places such as Australia, Canada, UK, South Africa as well as the United States.

Click here for a link to their main website to view testimonials and decide for yourself if this is for you.

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