Every Other Day Diet Review

The following Every Other Day Diet review will provide balanced information about the popular weight loss plan. The ebook was authored by Janis Hauser and Jon Benson, writer of several diet and nutritional books and fitness expert. In our review we found those that believed the Every Other Day Diet scam was just another weight loss gimmick while others definitely found success in losing weight and this article will hopefully shed some light for those debating if they want to try this program or not.

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Every Other Day Diet Basics


every other day diet reviewThe diet is based on the scientific belief that the human body can adapt to whatever it is fed. Therefore, people that eat the same number of calories each day cause their body’s metabolism to stabilize in response to this pattern. At that point the body begins storing fat, which is the reason why some people are overweight. People who are on the Every Other Day Diet review their food options which let them eat what they want every other day, while following a strict diet on alternate days.


Best Candidates for the Every Other Day Diet


One common reason why many people fail to lose weight is because they have to restrict the types of food they eat. And since most dieters do have strong food cravings, sticking to a diet which does not include the food they crave can be next to impossible. With this diet plan the dieter is allowed to eat food that will satisfy those cravings every other day. In fact, Every Other Day Diet review respondents were able to lose weight because the diet encouraged them to eat food they enjoyed on alternate days; which made the diet easier to continue.


How the Plan Works


The idea behind the plan is to help people gradually lose weight over time. What makes the plan easier to stick to is that while dieters are taking in less calories, it is planned so that there is less likelihood of getting the intense cravings that cause people to feel deprived. The Every Other Day Diet consists of eating certain high protein and healthy foods to quickly burn fat for an entire day. The next day dieters can eat the foods of their choosing; then go back and forth in this pattern. The inconsistent calorie consumption causes the body’s metabolism to remain high, which results in weight loss over time.


Medical Expert Opinions


In the Every Other Day Diet review several medical doctors were asked their opinions on this weight loss program. One doctor and nutrition expert answered in the affirmative to questions relating to whether people would follow the diet and whether the program itself was scientifically sound.  Another doctor specializing in natural women’s health believed that the Every Other Day Diet was capable of producing positive results for both men and women. One medical doctor strongly believed that the book provides not just motivation but capable nutritional advice for people who follow the plan.


Positive Every Other Day Diet Review Comments


The diet plan contains several positive elements such as:


-Food cravings can be managed more effectively since dieters eat the foods they love every other day.

-The plan is not overly restrictive regarding food deadlines, even on the days required to restrict the types of food.

-The Every Other Day Diet plan consists of 3 levels to choose from to accommodate lifestyle changes while on the diet.

-The plan provides helpful tools such as resources to help define and achieve goals as well as information on how the mind plays a part in weight loss success.


Weight Loss Plan Negatives


While the Every Other Day Diet Review scam is definitely not conclusive, there are some valid points why this plan may not work for everyone, including:


-The low calorie days are very restrictive, requiring a lot of discipline.

-It is not useful for people who need to quickly lose weight for a special event.

-The plan requires a complete change of lifestyle and eating habits.

-Sugar, alcohol and processed foods are restricted from the diet.


Cost of Every Other Day Diet Plan


The cost for the entire weight loss system is $46.00 which you can find on their official website here. Payments are processed through the secure servers of digital retailer ClickBank which means they have a 60 day money back guarantee (you contact clickbank for the refund).


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