Evening Primrose Oil Benefits

There have been thousands of testimonies about how evening primrose oil benefits the human body. The oil has been compared to Vitamin C as a restorative, preventative remedy for a number of ailments. But in order to learn more about primrose oil benefits, it is best to know about the flower that this healing oil is derived from.


About the Evening Primrose

evening primrose oil benefits

The evening primrose is a flowering plant that grows in Canada and America as well as other temperate regions. The plant can grow up to eight feet tall. It has yellow flowers that bloom during summer evenings and then dies at sunlight; thus the name “evening” primrose. The way to get the most effective evening primrose oil benefits is to take it in supplement pill form.




One of the well known benefits of evening primrose oil is its ability to promote blood flow. This is because it contains Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA), an essential fatty acid. Combined with the vitamin B12 benefits it has been shown in the long term has been proven successful in improving flow of blood to the uterus for women who have had a hard time conceiving.


Insufficient circulation is one of the leading causes of male impotence. Among the evening primrose oil benefits for men is that it increases blood flow and circulation to the penis; especially when taken with gingko biloba and it also works well with the vitamin c benefits.


Hair and Scalp


A few of the other benefits of evening primrose oil also include increasing hair growth and nourishing the scalp. The Omega 6 oils that it contains nourish and stimulate the scalp for stronger, healthier hair (on a related note – you might also want to view our post about vitamins for hair growth and biotin hair growth). Medical doctors and endocrinologists have recommended primrose oil for the treatment of hair loss associated with hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism is a medical condition also known as under active thyroid gland and hair loss is one of its several symptoms. To get the most evening primrose oil benefits, some people take 1000 mg three times a day for at least two months on a consistent basis.


Other Evening Primrose Oil Benefits


There is a long list of health benefits in taking primrose oil supplements. Included among these are:

  • Treatment of skin conditions like acne and rosacea, many use an evening primrose oil acne remedy.
  • Alleviate the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal
  • Primrose oil benefits the body by helping with insulin absorption and regulating the heart because of the omega 6 fatty acids it contains. (omega 3 6 9 post)
  • Helps nails to grow
  • Regulates mood
  • Eases the pain, stiffness and inflammation from arthritis

Side Effects

By most accounts, there are no serious side effects from taking primrose oil. As with any medicine, exceeding the recommended dosage can cause some side effects; although rare. These include:

  • Abdominal bloating and pain
  • Loose stools

Drug Interaction


If you are interested in primrose oil benefits and are taking prescription medication, consult a doctor or pharmacist before beginning your regimen. Primrose oil can interact with several different drugs; including some types of blood thinners and anti-inflammatory medications. The anti-clotting properties in primrose oil may also affect blood pressure levels.

Evening primrose oil in supplement form is widely available at supermarkets, heath food stores and online at a very affordable cost. The supplements are sold as capsules or soft gel. It is recommended that consumers only purchase products that state specifically how much GLA they contain in order to get the most effective primrose oil benefits.

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