CoQ10 Side Effects

The numbers of possible CoQ10 side effects, by most accounts, are far fewer than the Coq10 benefits. Coenzyme q10 has been proven to help with good cardiovascular health, provide cellular energy production and aid food digestion. It is also an immune system booster and effective treatment for several other medical conditions. Your doctor can determine whether supplementing your diet with this compound is worth any potential coenzyme q10 side effects which can occur.

Reported CoQ10 Side Effects

Some people who have taken CoQ10 supplements have reported various degrees of side effects. Reported symptoms include:

– Mild insomnia

– Headaches

– Fatigue

– Stomach upset, heartburn or vomiting

– Elevation in liver enzyme count. While this symptom has been seen in people who took over 300mg over a long period of time, CoQ10 side effects have not included liver toxicity.

CoQ10 Side EffectsPossible Causes of Coenzyme Q10 Side Effects

Studies have been conducted to determine the possible causes of the side effects that have been reported from taking CoQ10 supplements. Several studies concluded that the supplement is basically well tolerated, while others concluded that there were no real side effects worth noting. Of those studies that did reveal side effects, the probable causes were:

– Prescription Drug Interaction. Participants who took certain prescription drugs experienced coenzyme q10 side effects in many studies. One study showed that a possible cause could be the influence that some prescription drugs have on the CoQ10 that our bodies naturally produce. CoQ10, in some people, causes blood coagulation. Therefore, people who take blood thinners have experienced CoQ10 side effects that included a decrease in the effect of their medication. Medication used to lower cholesterol can also have an interaction by lowering QoQ10 levels found in the body. Many physicians prescribe supplements for their patients who take this medication to avoid CoQ10 deficiency.

– Dosage. CoQ10 side effects normally occurred in people who took high levels of the enzyme. High levels translate as more than 1200 mg each day. In most of the studies that concluded there were notable side effects, participants were given dosages above normal levels.

– Manufacturing. The manufacturing processing of dietary supplements is not standard; which can cause CoQ10 side effects. Supplements purchased at health food stores can be different from those found in grocery stores or from one brand to another. In some cases, there are even differences in the supplements manufactured by the same company in different lots.

Weighing the Risks of CoQ10 Side Effects

Every individual should be assessed by a medical professional to conclude whether taking CoQ10 would be beneficial to their health. A physician can decide the correct dosage based upon such factors as health, age, medical conditions and any prescription medication. Supervision by a health professional will monitor any side effects and adjust the dosage as necessary. In cases where CoQ10 side effects are less than the risk to the patient’s health, doctors are administering this enzyme with good success, especially in the treatment of patients with heart related conditions.

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