COQ10 Benefits

There are numerous CoQ10 benefits since it is a compound that occurs naturally in every cell of our bodies. In fact, an alternative name for CoQ10, ubiquinone, comes from the word ubiquitous which literally means found everywhere. CoQ10 lives in the part of the cells that produce energy. It is also known as Vitamin Q. This vital chemical compound, whose full name is coenzyme q10 benefits the body by producing an important molecule known as ATP; which is essential to good health.


CoQ10 Benefits Date back to the 1950’s

Coenzyme Q10 was discovered at the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Enzyme Institute in the year 1957. Over the next few years its chemical structure was studied by doctors and scientists in order to learn how to maximize its benefit to the human body. By 1972, it was proven that a sufficient amount CoQ10 benefits the human heart. Clinical trials continued throughout the 1980’s and even to this day scientists are finding new ways that CoQ10 can be used to prevent and treat medical conditions and diseases.


Heart Related CoQ10 Benefits

COQ10 Benefits your heartThe ability for this compound to fight heart disease is one of its most valuable roles in medicine. Over the years many studies have shown that patients with heart disease had significantly lower amounts of CoQ10 in their systems. In one study of patients with congestive heart failure, 70 percent benefited from taking CoQ10. In another, 75 percent of one heart surgeon’s cardiac patients had CoQ10 deficiencies. CoQ10 benefits were studied in patients who had heart problems for over 10 years in Japan. The result was that the Japanese cardiac specialists supported the findings that Coenzyme Q10 helped their patients.

CoQ10 Benefits Athletic Performance

Because of its relation to the body’s energy cells, CoQ10 improves not only overall health, but athletic performance. It has also been successful in increasing tolerance to exercise; even people who have health conditions such as muscular dystrophy. Scientists believe the CoQ10 benefits that relate to athletic performance are largely because of the molecule ATP which it causes the body to produce. ATP is the major energy source found in cells; contributing to important biological process such as muscle contraction and protein production.

Other CoQ10 Benefits

There are multiple benefits to human body which come from this important compound. They include:


  • Prevention of toxin overload. This includes toxins that build up on the gums, such as seen in periodontal disease.
  • Boosts the immune system. CoQ10 benefits the immune system especially in people with weak systems from viruses, infections and HIV. (If this is something that interests you, make sure to read our immune system vitamins post)
  • Increases sperm mobility and enhances fertility.
  • Manages cholesterol and increases the performance of the circulatory system.


Future Coenzyme Q10 benefits

Because of its many benefits to the heart and blood system, medical science is looking for ways to use CoQ10 to treat Alzheimer’s disease. CoQ10 is also hoped to be used as part of a recovery treatment program for patients who have suffered strokes. In addition, numerous CoQ10 benefits in women with breast cancer are on the horizon.

As a final note, these are rare but you might also be interested in reading out post on coq10 side effects.

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