Coconut Milk Benefits For Your Health

Coconuts are nutritious tropical fruits that are high in protein. When coconuts are consumed vital vitamins are also ingested. Vitamins A, B and C all lay vigorously within this versatile fruit. Coconuts have so many uses you will be startled as to how many great things they can actually do. I previously did a post on the many coconut water benefits but you will soon see that the coconut milk benefits are as incredible!

Coconut Milk vs. Coconut Water

Coconut milk is made from the flesh, or meat, of the coconut. It is often mistaken for the clear liquid that is drained out of the fruit; which is actually coconut water. Coconut milk is processed by squeezing the flesh that grows while the fruit is developing. This sweet milk can be purchased in cans or bottles and is used for cooking. Coconut water is usually sold unprocessed in its natural state.

Health Benefits of Coconut milk

In terms of dermatology, coconut oil has been known to heal cuts alongside scratches and burns.  But that is just the tip of the iceberg, because the oil taken from coconuts is also recommended for facial messages, alongside being used as a wrinkle remover.

coconut milk benefitsIf you’re still not fascinated by this tropical delicacy I am sure this paragraph will change your mind set. Coconuts in addition to being great for the skin are also great for the scalp. With so many chemicals in our modern day world the idea of using natural substances for hair and skin care should be quite refreshing. You might want to combine it with other vitamins for hair growth if this is your goal in taking coconut milk.

The funny part of this whole article is that I have not yet even deeply delved into the health benefits of coconut milk.  When you consume coconut milk you get a host of vitamins and minerals.  Just some of the nutrients you may obtain from coconut milk are Potassium, calcium, and chloride. This is of course very useful to prevent potassium deficiency and calcium deficiency symptoms.

Some other important Coconut Milk health benefits are that it is also known to be a great aid in reliving sore throats and ulcers. In terms of immunity coconut milk can also help in boosting it since it is an important source of many immune system vitamins. Coconut milk has an acid in it that is anti-bacterial, anti-microbial alongside being anti-fungal. And if that was not enough it is also dairy free which, may be an aid for those whom are lactose intolerant.

For people whom wish to lose weight coconuts can also have many beneficial uses. This is because the saturated fat found in coconuts is comprised of short- chained and medium- chained fatty acids. The body utilises this and converts this to energy instead of storing it up as fat. However, you should be aware of the coconut milk nutrition facts such as that coconut milk contains about 553 calories per 224g which is quite high so you definitely do not want to consume it in excess amounts because while the coconut milk benefits will probably be very beneficial to you, you are still taking a high caloric beverage if you drink excess amounts of it. Of course, if your alternative is a soda than coconut milk with all it’s health advantages is much better.

So as you can clearly see coconuts have a vast array of overall health benefits. From its outer exterior to its inner most sanctums coconuts are truly a very nutritious and favourable natural food source. Since it also tastes so great what are you waiting for? Break it open and take advantage of the Coconut milk benefits today!

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  • Healthy Hygienic Products:

    Nice Article. I already knew coconut oil is effective as weight loss supplement and nourishes hair and not to forget as easy digestive. I got some of my doubts cleared reading your post. It is well written on Coconut Milk Benefits. Thanks

  • Stefanie:

    I recently purchased a box of SO delicious Dairy Free Coconut Milk. It is sugar Free. One cup has 50 calories 2g carbos. etc. Is this just as beneficial for you as the all coconut milk. I have a bit of milk intolerance, and thought this would be better.

  • I just bought some coconut milk, and I cannot wait to try it.

  • We bought two kinds of coconut milk for the first time this week: So Delicious in a carton and Sunflower Market’s canned. I liked both, but the canned version was much creamier and tasted the way I expected it to. We used the canned version to make “smoothies” this afternoon. My kids loved it! I thought they’d be picky and refuse to eat anything that contained coconut milk.

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