Chia Seeds Side Effects

If you are thinking about eating chia seeds to improve health, possible chia seeds side effects should be taken into consideration before you begin. Consumption of chia seeds goes back to 3500 BC when the people of Central America ate them. Over time, the seeds were replaced by agricultural seeds such as corn. And while there is no doubt that chia seeds do provide certain nutrients and other health benefits, knowing the side effects of chia seeds can prevent problems with your health.


Chia Seed Side Effects on Blood Pressure


Chia seeds are known to help reduce blood pressure. But for people who are older, a potentially dangerous side effect can be very low level blood pressure. The chia seed side effects for people who are already taking medication to lower blood pressure are even greater since the seeds can cause an unsafe drop when combined with medication.


Side Effects of Chia Seeds When Combined with Blood Thinners


For people who are taking blood thinners such as Warfarin should not consume chia seeds unless directed by their doctor, who will advise the correct dosage as necessary. Chia seeds have been known to cause an increase risk for bleeding in some people, which is why many doctors will instruct patients at risk to avoid them entirely.


Chia Seeds Side Effects on Digestion


Chia Seeds Side EffectsChia seeds are very high in fiber and have an amazing ability to absorb water. In otherwise healthy people, this combination can help with elimination and, in some cases, weight loss. But for people who have gastric problems, symptoms may get worse if too many seeds are consumed. The high fiber in the seeds can lead to gas, bloating and other stomach problems.


Additional Chia Seeds Side Effects


The side effects of chia seeds differ from person to person. While some people may not experience any side effects, chia seed side effects may include the following in some people:


-Difficulty breathing

-Addictive effects


-Skin Rashes

-Watery eyes

-Feeling of being too full

-Chia seeds contain a good amount of vitamin B 17. Possible side effects of chia seeds can include an overdose of phytonutrients for people who are already taking B 17 supplements and eating chia seeds.


Chia Seeds and Pregnant Women


Since very little research has been conducted on possible chia seeds side effects on pregnant or lactating mothers, it is recommended that women consult with their doctor before ingesting the seeds in any form.


Chia Seed Allergies


Some people experience chia seeds side effects in the form of allergic reactions such as swelling of the tongue or mouth, headaches and other problems. Allergic reactions to chia seeds are usually due to the high protein content in the seeds, which is an allergen to some people. People who are allergic to seeds that are similar to chia seeds are more susceptible to allergic reaction from these seeds. If you experience side effects from chia seeds or any other unusual symptoms, stop ingesting the seeds and seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

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