Chia Seeds Health Benefits

Many chia seeds health benefits are commonly known. But there are also benefits of chia seeds that people do not know about. Chia seeds can be used in recipes to replace fat. They can be sprinkled in a variety of foods to add fiber and nutrition. Cooked or uncooked, chia seeds benefit the human body in many ways.


Background of the Chia Seed


The chia is a plant that is in the mint family. The seed is a non-poisonous and edible. The chia plant commonly grows in southern Mexico. It is the plant used in the familiar line of products known as Chia Pets. However, most of the chia seed benefits are derived from the seed and not the plant. Historically, the chia seed was a staple in the diets of the Aztecs and Mayans. They were also used as survival rations because of their ability to sustain energy.


Antioxidants and Omega 3 Fatty Acids


The large amounts of omega 3 fatty acids and antioxidants in them enhance the benefits of chia seeds. The antioxidant properties protect and boost the immune system. These properties also keeps them from spoiling; making it possible to store them for long periods of time. The concentration of the omega 3 helps ease pain and inflammation. In addition, the omega 3 chia seed benefits the joints by increasing lubrication.


Chia Seeds Health Benefits to the Digestive System


Chia Seeds Health BenefitsChia seeds are easy to digest. The shells of the seeds break down easily in this system, even if they are swallowed whole. By contrast, flax seeds cannot be digested unless they are ground. These benefits of chia seeds make them healthful since they add fiber to the diet; which cleanses the colon and intestines more easily. The seeds hold water which keeps electrolytes and other body fluids flowing. Because they are filling, some people have been able to lose weight by adding chia seeds to their diet.


Nutrition in Chia Seeds


The seeds provide a variety of nutrion to the diet. They contain calcium and protien to build up the body’s tissues. Chi seeds also contain boron. Boron is one of the minerals that support strong bones and helps build muscles in the body. These and other nutrients in chia seeds also help promote brain function.


Other Chia Seeds Health Benefits


This small seed is full of health benefits. Included among these are:


  • Chia seeds support heart health. The benefits of chia seeds to the heart include reduction of blood pressure and the essential fatty acids they contain.
  • Chia seeds benefits include their ability to stablize blood sugar by slowing down the rate that complex carbohydrates digest and then distribute to the body.
  • One tablespoon of chia seeds is said to be able to sustain a human for 24 hours. Among the benefits of chia seeds is their ability to greatly increase energy.


How to Use the Seeds


The flavor of chia seeds is very mild. Many people grind them and put them in sauces, puddings, breads or other dishes. Some people mix a couple of teaspoons of ground chia seeds in their juice or water for instant fiber.

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