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Why Vitamin D is essential for Weight Lifters

For those of us looking to build muscle, keeping our vitamin levels topped up is essential for growth, development and healing. However, although many know about the benefits of vitamins such as A, B12 and C when it comes to our immune systems and overall health, vitamin D is often overlooking.

Vitamin D is what helps our bones get calcium and keeps our immune system working. In short, it’s crucial for recovery after working out. Our bones, muscles and joints are put under constant strain by continuously weight lifting and therefore, we need our immune system as strong as possible. Without vitamin D, we can’t do this, which is disturbing considering almost half of us suffer from a deficiency.

Getting vitamin D

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Vitamin D and BodyBuilding

The Vitamin D benefits are widely known for its integral role in promoting skeletal health. While the importance of the D vitamin to the bones is undeniable it offers more than the promotion and regulation of calcium in the body. In recent studies, it showed that Vitamin D has cancer-fighting properties that may reduce risks of breast cancer, there were also research claiming that the sunshine vitamin can help address issues of depression. Unlike other types of supplements, the form most common in supplements which is Vitamin D3 does more than just helping the sick and diseased, several studies have suggested that the vitamin D3 benefits are also very important for bodybuilders.

Vitamin D, what’s in it for you?

It is an established fact that Vitamin D generates calcium absorption in the body thus creating a strong and healthy skeletal system. In addition, it also plays a pivotal role in having the muscles that can support the act of bodybuilding, in short Vitamin D benefits bodybuilders, weightlifters and other similar fitness enthusiasts.

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Vitamin D Overdose

Although it is rare, it is possible for people to have a vitamin D overdose from taking too many supplements. Vitamin D is a very important vitamin that promotes how the calcium and phosphorus in the body are absorbed and used. In humans vitamin D it is absorbed through the skin by way of direct sunlight, ingested by eating certain foods or by taking a vitamin d supplement. However, it is possible for people to have negative vitamin D side effects if they take too much of the vitamin.


Vitamin D Dosage


The recommended amount of vitamin D per day in adults is approximately 400 IU. In some rare cases, a doctor will prescribe more for therapeutic reasons, such as vitamin D deficiency. However, the recommended dosage should never be exceeded for any reason except under a doctor’s supervision. Exceeding the recommended dose can result in vitamin D overdose, also known as Hypervitaminosis D or vitamin D toxicity. It can be a potentially serious condition if it is not treated by a doctor. This condition is almost exclusively caused by taking too many vitamin D supplements and not from foods or an overexposure to sunlight.

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Vitamin D3 Benefits

It is a good idea to learn all about how vitamin D3 benefits the human body if you are trying to improve your health.  The numerous benefits of vitamin D3 have been proven over for many decades. These benefits include treatment and prevention of disease and better overall health.


What is Vitamin D3?


While most people have heard of vitamin D, they may not be so familiar with vitamin D3.  Actually, the term vitamin D is used to describe both forms of the same vitamin; namely, vitamin D2 and vitamin D3. The only difference between the two is the way they are structured. Vitamin D3, also called Cholecalciferol, has a structure similar to steroids like cholesterol and testosterone. In humans, it is naturally produced in the skin after exposure to ultraviolet-B rays from sunlight. Vitamin D benefits are so important to the body that a deficiency can result in poor health. Therefore, foods and supplements that offer the same benefits of vitamin D3, which will be discussed later in this article, are widely available.

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Vitamin D Benefits

It is basically common knowledge that vitamin D is essential for your body to properly absorb calcium and when aiming for strong bone health make sure you have some vitamin D sources and regular exercise. But that is just one of its benefits. Vitamin D has many other advantages besides avoiding vitamin D deficiency symptoms.

Vitamin D is an essential immune system vitamin. It’s very important for the health of your T cells that protect you against diseases.

It’s also believed to help you against many autoimmune diseases.

Three of the more recent discoveries on vitamin D benefits are discussed here.

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Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms

Vitamin D plays a vital role in our body’s ability to absorb calcium and phosphate into our musculoskeletal system which in turn promotes normal bone formation and mineralization. And as with any other vitamin or mineral it plays a role in how we feel physically and mentally. If you do not have enough vitamin d sources in your diet or lifestyle (the sun is of course a major source) you might start suffering from vitamin d deficiency symptoms!

Vitamin d deficiency symptoms in adults are related to lack of sufficient intake through diet or supplements and lack of exposure to sunlight which when absorbed through the skin is synthesized to promote production of Vitamin D. These two factors simultaneously create a clinical deficiency. As a result the body is unable to absorb the necessary amounts of Calcium and Phosphates causing a condition called hypocalcaemia and other calcium deficiency symptoms.

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Vitamin D Sources: Beyond The Sun

Feeling a little sad? Vitamin D deficiency could be the cause. A lot of people wonder why they are feeling down and in the blues, but the solution could be as easy as going out in the sun. Vitamin D is essential to our bodies and it is great for your teeth, bones and muscles. It protects against cancers such as, breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, and it boosts the immune system. There has also been scientific evidence that a deficiency in vitamin D could make you prone to heart disease. Some of the other Vitamin D benefits are that it also helps regulate blood pressure, and can be a key role in preventing arthritis and multiple sclerosis. In the winter time it would be a wise idea to stock up on vitamin D sources since the sun, one of the biggest sources of vitamin d for many people, is naturally weaker in addition to most people wearing a lot of skin protecting clothes and often staying indoors.vitamin d sources

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