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Vitamin B6 Deficiency Symptoms

Vitamin B6, also called pyridoxine, is one of several water soluble vitamins manufactured by the human body. Vitamin B6 deficiency can pose a threat to the normal function of certain areas of the body. This is because Vitamin B6, sometimes called the mood vitamin, helps the brain, metabolism and other bodily functions perform at their optimal best. The vitamins facilitate the cells in communicating and metabolizing protein and fat; which provide proper energy.


Insufficient Absorption


Vitamin B6 deficiency symptoms usually manifest themselves in people who are older, have certain behaviors or conditions, taking certain medications or have poor eating habits which cause deficiency in this and other nutrients the human body needs. Vitamin B6 deficiency symptoms are often seen in people who have trouble absorbing the vitamin. Possible causes of insufficient absorption may include:


-Persistent diarrhea

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Folic Acid During Pregnancy – Vital!

Folic acid is also known as folate-which is Vitamin B9. In recent years the medical profession has stressed the importance of getting enough folic acid during pregnancy. This vitamin is needed to prevent serious medical conditions in a growing fetus. It is also important for women to get a sufficient amount even before they become pregnant.

Folic acid and pregnancy are related in several ways. Women should get sufficient folic acid during a pregnancy and even before they become pregnant. It is advised that all women of childbearing age get enough folic acid to avoid folic acid deficiency in case they do become pregnant. Defects caused by insufficient folic acid occur before most women are aware they are pregnant; usually in the first 28 days of a pregnancy. For women who are planning a pregnancy it is recommended they begin taking supplemental folic acid two to three months before they plan to conceive as mentioned in the tips for getting pregnant post for both fertility reasons and to make sure you have enough once the fetus appears.

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Biotin Hair Growth & Benefits


Biotin is a B-complex vitamin ( B7 but often referred to as vitamin H) and is water soluble. Many people hear about it referred to as a magical biotin hair growth solution which will be discussed further in this article. It is a necessary element in cell growth, producing fatty acids and metabolizing fat and amino acids and may be beneficial as well in maintaining a healthy level of blood sugar. This is an important role for diabetics in particular, both insulin and non-insulin dependent. Another one of the biotin benefits is that it also helps in the transfer of carbon dioxides in the system.

Both deficiency and toxicity are rare and in fact the body is able to tolerate very high doses with no adverse effects. Deficiency, when it does occur, is generally very mild and can be treated easily with supplements. Symptoms of biotin deficiency would manifest as hair loss, conjunctivitis, and dermatitis particularly around the eyes, nose, mouth, and genital area. Neurological symptoms include depression, hallucinations, lethargy, and numbness and tingling in the extremities.

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Folic Acid Deficiency and Side Effects


Folic acid deficiency is one of the most common types of nutritional deficiency and it can cause megaloblastic anemia, which is characterized by a reduced number of red blood cells. This disease can cause weakness, fatigue, headache, irritability, difficulty concentrating and shortness of breath.

Folic acid deficiency can occur in a number of situations. Like low dietary intake and diminished absorption, as in alcoholism, can cause decrease supply of folic acid. Certain condition such as pregnancy or cancer can result in an increased rate of cell division and metabolism, thus increasing the body’s demand of folic acid, which if not met can cause deficiency. It may also be caused as a side effect of various medications.

Symptoms of folic acid deficiency may include:

  • Megaloblastic anemia, in which red blood cells become large and uneven in size
  • Weakness
  • Irritability
  • Lack of energy
  • Loss of Appetite

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Vitamin B3 Nicotinamide

Nicotinamide is a form of vitamin B3 that can possibly preserve and improve beta cell function. Nicotinamide is essential for growth and the conversion of foods into energy. It has been used by doctors as a diabetes treatment and prevention. Potential side effect includes headaches, Skin and GI effect, exacerbation of gout and ulcers as well as allergies. Liver and platelet function should be closely monitored while using Nicotinamide. It may increase serum concentration of the anticonvulsants and primidone.

Nicotinamide is one of the two principle form of vitamin B3 also known as Niacin. It’s an member of the b complex family which has many health benefits overall. The term Niacin is used to refer to both Nicotinamide and Nicotinic acid, which is the other principle form of the Niacin. The two forms both Nicotinamide and Nicotinic acid are similar when it comes to vitamin activity but very different when it comes to Pharmacological activity.

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Folic Acid Benefits: Vitamin B9

Folic acid, otherwise more commonly known as Vitamin B9, and less commonly as folate or Folacin, is a water soluble vitamin essential to the body for forming new healthy cells. The folic acid benefits are numerous and should definitely be a staple in everyone’s diet for reasons discussed below.

The body’s daily requirement for folic acid can actually be obtained mostly from foods such as liver, asparagus, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, spinach, beet roots, whole wheat products, yeast, dried beans, and oranges. Sufficient amounts can be obtained from these foods to stave off folic acid deficiency and any problems related to such.

If you’re looking for specific numbers you should aim for:

150 mcg for kids between 1 and 3 years old

200 mcg for kids between 4 to 8 years old

300 mcg for kigs between9 to 13 years old

400 mcg for teens and adults

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Vitamin B Complex Benefits

Vitamin B Complex benefits are quite important and some of the essential vitamins in this group are riboflavin (B2), thiamine (B1), Vitamin Pyridoxine (B6),), niacin (B3), Cobalamine (B12), biotin, pantothenic acid, folic acid and choline are included. These vitamins are essential for the proper nutritionally support of eyes, hair, liver, brain, mouth, intestines, nerves, muscles and skin. Some of vitamin b complex benefits include amplified energy, better or more constant frames of mind, healthier hair, skin and eyes. These vitamins are very important for proper functioning of nervous system as well as for immune system.
Vitamin B Complex is very important for DNA and RNA synthesis as well as cell reproduction. Some of the important Vitamin B Complex benefits are that they are very important for the constant growth and rejuvenation of hair, skin and nails. Deficit of anyone of these vitamins can bring about several hair and skin problems such as dermatitis, dry or grey skin, acne, wrinkles, rashes, splitting nails and falling hair.

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PABA Vitamins: Para-Aminobenzoic Acid

Nature’s natural wonders protect us every day. One of these wonders are PABA vitamins, commonly known as the sunscreen vitamin. If you apply sunscreen regularly, you might have noticed the package label saying that it has PABA vitamins.

PABA is short for para-aminobenzoic acid. In contrast to the “amino” word, PABA is not a protein strain but regarded as an antioxidant and is a member of the B vitamin group. It’s a coenzyme that supports good blood health, particularly for red blood cells or erythrocytes. Erythrocytes are the ones that carry oxygen all over our body and PABA promotes production and metabolization processes within the blood stream. It’s also been shown to be important in supporting healthy hair and is one of the many vitamins for hair loss that can help prevent it. It’s also helpful in curing skin conditions such as vitiligo.

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Vitamin B6 Benefits: The Mood Vitamin


There are numerous vitamin B6 benefits to your body, vitamin B6, pyridoxine, is often called the “mood vitamin” because it’s very important for helping our brains and metabolism. Your body requires vitamin B6 to convert amino acid L-tryptophan into a neurotransmitter called serotonin. Neurotransmitters connect nerve cells to the next and enable cell to communicate with each other. It is also an essential component of enzymes that metabolizes proteins and fats in your body to get the maximum energy and nutrients from food. As you can see B6 is a very powerful co-enzyme because it most often works with other vitamins and nutriens in your bodies to produce its benefits.

Supplementing your diet with vitamin B6 will most likely have excellent benefits to your health as both a defensive medicine for heart disease and reprieve from a number of ailments related and including depression due to the previously mentioned importance of serotonin. While some of these researches have been contested after their publication in terms of “do these benefits really apply to B6” here are some of them anyway for your information. The reason vitamin B6 can help with heart disease is that it helps lower blood levels of homocysteine, an animno acid produced when you digest proteins. A high level of homocysteine has been declared by the American Heart Association as an independent risk factor for heart disease. There are also reports by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition from 2005 that a high homocysteine level might be correlated with an age-related decline in memory.

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