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5 South African Beverage Favorites That Aren’t All Alcoholic And Almost Healthy

 These South African beverage favorites aren’t all alcoholic but it doesn’t matter — they’ll intoxicate you with their flavors, aromas and colors. Some of them even have nutritional value for your body to go along with the great taste!

Amarula Cream

Amarula Cream:
It’s usually taken with dessert. It’s a sweet liqueur made from the fruit of the marula tree—sometimes called the elephant tree because elephants love to eat from it. The liqueur is heavy on the sugar and cream. The marula tree can only be found in sub-Saharan Africa. Its fruit is rich in vitamin C, potassium, magnesium and protein. Amarula Cream looks a bit like chocolate milk when poured out, and has a 17-percent alcohol content. If you like Kahlua, you’ll enjoy this.

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Why Vitamin D is essential for Weight Lifters

For those of us looking to build muscle, keeping our vitamin levels topped up is essential for growth, development and healing. However, although many know about the benefits of vitamins such as A, B12 and C when it comes to our immune systems and overall health, vitamin D is often overlooking.

Vitamin D is what helps our bones get calcium and keeps our immune system working. In short, it’s crucial for recovery after working out. Our bones, muscles and joints are put under constant strain by continuously weight lifting and therefore, we need our immune system as strong as possible. Without vitamin D, we can’t do this, which is disturbing considering almost half of us suffer from a deficiency.

Getting vitamin D

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Nutrition 101: Understanding Essential Fats

Not all fat is bad for you. As a matter of fact, some types of fat are necessary to your overall health and well being. If you are a health-conscious person and proper nutrition is important to you, then you have no doubt heard about the importance of consuming a sufficient amount of essential fats. So what are essential fats all about, and how can you include them in your nutrition plan? Here is a guide to understanding essential fats:

What are essential fats? Essential fats, also called essential fatty acids, are fatty acids that our bodies use for a variety of functions, but that our bodies do not naturally synthesize; therefore, it essential that we consume essential fats in our diet. Essential fats include the omega-3 fatty acid alpha-linolenic acid, the omega-6 fatty acids linoleic acid and gamma-linolenic acid, lauric acid, and palmitoleic acid.

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Vitamin D and BodyBuilding

The Vitamin D benefits are widely known for its integral role in promoting skeletal health. While the importance of the D vitamin to the bones is undeniable it offers more than the promotion and regulation of calcium in the body. In recent studies, it showed that Vitamin D has cancer-fighting properties that may reduce risks of breast cancer, there were also research claiming that the sunshine vitamin can help address issues of depression. Unlike other types of supplements, the form most common in supplements which is Vitamin D3 does more than just helping the sick and diseased, several studies have suggested that the vitamin D3 benefits are also very important for bodybuilders.

Vitamin D, what’s in it for you?

It is an established fact that Vitamin D generates calcium absorption in the body thus creating a strong and healthy skeletal system. In addition, it also plays a pivotal role in having the muscles that can support the act of bodybuilding, in short Vitamin D benefits bodybuilders, weightlifters and other similar fitness enthusiasts.

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Vitamin B6 Deficiency Symptoms

Vitamin B6, also called pyridoxine, is one of several water soluble vitamins manufactured by the human body. Vitamin B6 deficiency can pose a threat to the normal function of certain areas of the body. This is because Vitamin B6, sometimes called the mood vitamin, helps the brain, metabolism and other bodily functions perform at their optimal best. The vitamins facilitate the cells in communicating and metabolizing protein and fat; which provide proper energy.


Insufficient Absorption


Vitamin B6 deficiency symptoms usually manifest themselves in people who are older, have certain behaviors or conditions, taking certain medications or have poor eating habits which cause deficiency in this and other nutrients the human body needs. Vitamin B6 deficiency symptoms are often seen in people who have trouble absorbing the vitamin. Possible causes of insufficient absorption may include:


-Persistent diarrhea

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Vitamin D Overdose

Although it is rare, it is possible for people to have a vitamin D overdose from taking too many supplements. Vitamin D is a very important vitamin that promotes how the calcium and phosphorus in the body are absorbed and used. In humans vitamin D it is absorbed through the skin by way of direct sunlight, ingested by eating certain foods or by taking a vitamin d supplement. However, it is possible for people to have negative vitamin D side effects if they take too much of the vitamin.


Vitamin D Dosage


The recommended amount of vitamin D per day in adults is approximately 400 IU. In some rare cases, a doctor will prescribe more for therapeutic reasons, such as vitamin D deficiency. However, the recommended dosage should never be exceeded for any reason except under a doctor’s supervision. Exceeding the recommended dose can result in vitamin D overdose, also known as Hypervitaminosis D or vitamin D toxicity. It can be a potentially serious condition if it is not treated by a doctor. This condition is almost exclusively caused by taking too many vitamin D supplements and not from foods or an overexposure to sunlight.

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COQ10 Benefits

There are numerous CoQ10 benefits since it is a compound that occurs naturally in every cell of our bodies. In fact, an alternative name for CoQ10, ubiquinone, comes from the word ubiquitous which literally means found everywhere. CoQ10 lives in the part of the cells that produce energy. It is also known as Vitamin Q. This vital chemical compound, whose full name is coenzyme q10 benefits the body by producing an important molecule known as ATP; which is essential to good health.


CoQ10 Benefits Date back to the 1950’s

Coenzyme Q10 was discovered at the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Enzyme Institute in the year 1957. Over the next few years its chemical structure was studied by doctors and scientists in order to learn how to maximize its benefit to the human body. By 1972, it was proven that a sufficient amount CoQ10 benefits the human heart. Clinical trials continued throughout the 1980’s and even to this day scientists are finding new ways that CoQ10 can be used to prevent and treat medical conditions and diseases.

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Vitamin D3 Benefits

It is a good idea to learn all about how vitamin D3 benefits the human body if you are trying to improve your health.  The numerous benefits of vitamin D3 have been proven over for many decades. These benefits include treatment and prevention of disease and better overall health.


What is Vitamin D3?


While most people have heard of vitamin D, they may not be so familiar with vitamin D3.  Actually, the term vitamin D is used to describe both forms of the same vitamin; namely, vitamin D2 and vitamin D3. The only difference between the two is the way they are structured. Vitamin D3, also called Cholecalciferol, has a structure similar to steroids like cholesterol and testosterone. In humans, it is naturally produced in the skin after exposure to ultraviolet-B rays from sunlight. Vitamin D benefits are so important to the body that a deficiency can result in poor health. Therefore, foods and supplements that offer the same benefits of vitamin D3, which will be discussed later in this article, are widely available.

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Propolis Benefits

To understand all of the propolis benefits for humans, we must first take a look at how it is used in the bee kingdom. Propolis is a mixture that honey bees get from sap that flows from trees and from tree buds. The bees use propolis to seal small open spaces in their hives. It resinous characteristic reinforces the hives structure, reduces vibration and seals out disease, parasites and bacterial growth, among other uses. Over the years scientists have tapped into the bee propolis benefits as they relate to humans.


Bee Propolis Benefits the Immune System


Propolis is believed to strengthen the immune systems of some people and might be useful to combine with immune system vitamins. It contains antibiotic as well as anti inflammatory properties. Propolis lozenges are said to alleviate sore throat pain. Honey bee propolis is also sold as a supplement which claims to fight flu symptoms and provide allergy and hay fever relief by regulating histamine and serotonin.

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Vitamin B12 Side Effects

Vitamin B12 is a water soluble vitamin found in fish, meat and dairy products. It is also found as a man made supplement that can be taken orally or injected. Vitamin B12 is absorbed through the bloodstream. If not properly administered, the vitamin will not fully absorb into the blood during digestion. This can result in Vitamin B12 overdose.

Taken in the correct dosage, it is used by the body to produce nerve and red blood cells and to also avoid b12 deficiency symptoms. Vitamin B12 can also be used to treat deficiency, some forms of anemia and to boost energy. However, it is important to take the right amount to avoid Vitamin B12 side effects that can put your health in danger while making sure you take enough of it to take advantage of the vitamin B12 benefits.


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