Biotin Hair Growth & Benefits


Biotin is a B-complex vitamin ( B7 but often referred to as vitamin H) and is water soluble. Many people hear about it referred to as a magical biotin hair growth solution which will be discussed further in this article. It is a necessary element in cell growth, producing fatty acids and metabolizing fat and amino acids and may be beneficial as well in maintaining a healthy level of blood sugar. This is an important role for diabetics in particular, both insulin and non-insulin dependent. Another one of the biotin benefits is that it also helps in the transfer of carbon dioxides in the system.

Both deficiency and toxicity are rare and in fact the body is able to tolerate very high doses with no adverse effects. Deficiency, when it does occur, is generally very mild and can be treated easily with supplements. Symptoms of biotin deficiency would manifest as hair loss, conjunctivitis, and dermatitis particularly around the eyes, nose, mouth, and genital area. Neurological symptoms include depression, hallucinations, lethargy, and numbness and tingling in the extremities.

Since skin problems and hair loss suggest a possible deficit in biotin levels and biotin is often recommended for as a great hair, skin and nails vitamins. Many skin care and hair products contain biotin, although studies have indicated it is not easily absorbed through the skin.

Biotin plays such a critical role in healthy hair and skin that dermatologists often prescribe supplements for their clients to treat hair loss, to slow down the rate of hair loss, and to promote new growth. Many people report good success rates using biotin hair growth supplements which help the overall health of their hair. However, it is most effective if you have been previously suffering from a lack of biotin.

biotin hair growthAlthough heredity is the number one leading cause of hair loss and baldness, there are a number of other possible causes including illness, stress, poor diet and dieting, or medications. Biotin is something to consider in any one of these cases, but it is best to first discuss this with your MD or dermatologist to determine any underlying medical problems or conditions. In cases of hereditary hair loss and baldness there is no conclusive evidence that taking vitamins for hair growth such as biotin will be of any further help. If you take biotin and it’s not stopping your hair loss, look for another solution because you  probably have already been doing a good job taking enough biotin for hair growth.

Foods rich in biotin are egg yolk, liver, yeast, cheese, butter and some vegetables. These ones have the highest content, but there are many other moderate sources you most likely consume every day. For some people it might be important to mention that if you eat a lot of egg whites in your day, it might cause biotin deficiency especially if you do not cook them. The reason is egg whites contain a mineral that somewhat blocks biotin absorption in your body. Since the yolk contains a lot of biotin this usually counter balances but some people do not eat the yolk since it also contains the fat within the egg. Cooking an egg reduces by a lot the chance of this happening. Eggs are very healthy but if you consume a lot of them each day (at least more than 6) make sure to cook them and to sometimes take meals with biotin sources without taking any eggs so your  body can properly take advantage of all the biotin benefits.

Nutritionists know how important biotin is in skin, nail and hair health. And we also know there is a very high tolerance level for biotin within our bodies. A lot of people promote biotin for hair growth products but it’s important to understand you can try out yourself to see if biotin can help you by simply making sure your meals have some. Making sure you have enough biotin in your system is easy and worth the benefits.

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  • sheree:

    9 december 2012

    RE: 10 mg Biotin


    I am taking a lot of biotin to help retard perimenopausal support from Provera. I started to lose my hair having to use high dose Provera. It appears that Biotin has helped reverse the loss and I am hoping that it will help grow more hair back.

    Does anyone have information about this use of Biotin?

    [email protected]

  • Alex:

    Two things you might want to look into is if Provera depletes biotin in your body making you more deficient and needing more and perhaps you were already deficient in biotin so simply eating more solve something your body really needed.

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