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The demands on the human body from everyday life can be strenuous to say the least. In order to keep your body running like a fine tuned engine you need to maintain it. Eating healthy with the addition of regularly exercise are two key elements essential for full vitality. Rest and peace of mind also constitute heavily towards overall good health and mental stability.

When it comes to nutrition many people fail to realize the intrinsic importance of a well balanced diet. Vitamins and mineral in addition to other key nutrients are essential for good health. The phrase you are what you eat in fact holds a significant amount of substance to it.  In this specific article I am going to focus more on the imperatives of Vitamins especially for usage with men.

best vitamins for men - mens vitaminsThe B vitamins are a set of water soluble Vitamins; Vitamin B6 alongside B12 are recommended as they entail various health benefits post consumption. Some of the vitamin B6 benefits are that it is needed for the operation of over sixty enzymes inside our bodies it also constitutes towards the production of serotonin a chemical compound in which relates to the brains. Some of the vitamin B12 benefits are that it works in speeding up ones metabolism in addition it also raises energy levels, which is great for those whom face constant issues of fatigue which is also one of the most common of all vitamin b12 deficiency symptoms.

Biotin which is also known as Vitamin B7 is rather critical as deficiencies lead to hair loss and conjunctivitis. Many people use biotin hair growth supplements to hopefully gain back their hair but the truth is that it’s much easier to prevent it in the first place. Vitamin B9 also know as Folic acid is vital as it helps regenerate new cells around the body alongside helping muscle development (post on folic acid benefits). Vitamin C and E are also of great importance as they work as antioxidants and help in the prevention of oxidative damage.

Two other key nutrients that play an essential role in vitality are the nutrients Beta carotene a form of Vitamin A, and also Lycopene which is a powerful antioxidant. These two essentials nutrients should be induced into your diet as they provide many health benefits. Lycopene may provide as an aid in the prevention of various diseases alongside preventing some types of cancers from forming.

Beta carotene may also provide useful in the prevention of various health conditions including prostate cancer.  This vital nutrient may also provide invaluable against cancer of the skin, and lungs.  However Before taking any supplementation always seek medical advice as excessive amounts of beta carotene may cause problems in smokers.  Also recommended is that consumption of this nutrient should be obtained via food.

For men over the age of fifty vitamins B5 alongside B3 may provide beneficial. Vitamin B5 plays a key role in helping hormone producing adrenal glands. Vitamin B3 on the other hand provides invaluable in the maintenance of good blood cholesterol. For men who remain active Vitamin B1 also, know as Thiamin can help in the discharge of energy from food consumed.

Vitamin B2 also helps in aiding energy release from food consumed; furthermore it can help ease the bodies’ reaction to stress. Zinc although not a Vitamin but rather a mineral is also of high importance when talking about nutrients men need. Zinc helps immune function and also performs a role in the prostate gland.   One other vital role this nutrient plays is that it helps in sperm production and of course you want to make sure you avoid all zinc deficiency symptoms.

Finally, while both men and women sohuld be taking omega 3 and this is not a essential fatty acid more specific to men, it’s important to once again mention the importance of taking advantage of the fish oil benefits especially as a North American with a diet full of vegetable oils and other amazing sources of omega 6 (which is not a good thing when you have low omega 3 ratios in your body). You might want to look into the best fish oil supplement to easily avoid all fish oil side effects such as mercury.

A healthy balanced diet rich in vitamins and other key nutrients is of high importance and should not be taken lightly for mens vitamins. Many of today’s common ill health conditions are preventable with a good diet alongside sufficient exercise.  As each human is intrinsically different it is highly recommended you see a medical professional first before taking any vitamin supplementation and you might also want to read my post on the best multivitamin for men which might be a good guideline for you in your search of the best vitamins for men!

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    For me, Fish Oil Supplement is the best vitamins for men. It was proven by many doctors how it helps for the immune system and also how it helps to regulates properly the flow of the blood in our body.

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