Good Sources of Calcium Other Than Milk

Calcium is needed for the healthy growth and maintenance of bones and teeth.  It is also an essential mineral that can promote normal muscle contraction, nerve signaling, and enzyme production.  This mineral could help regulate blood pressure and may be useful in maintaining normal heartbeat. Also, it is of course very important in order to prevent calcium deficiency symptoms.

Many people focus on milk but it is not difficult to find calcium from natural sources other than milk.  This mineral is abundant in some foods and animal products.  So all you need to do is to create a healthy and well balanced diet.  If you are looking for foods that have rich amounts of calcium, then here are some of your sources of calcium other than milk.

Put More Herbs in Your Meals

Herbs are very rich in vitamins and minerals so you should add them more often in your meals.  It would be best to choose dried herbs because they have concentrated mineral content.  Herbs will not only make your meals richer and tastier but they can also help strengthen your bones since they are a good source of calcium.

Some of the best herbs that should be included in your meals are dried savory tops, celery seeds, thyme, rosemary, dried dill, oregano, spearmint, and parsley.  A teaspoon of dried herb can provide as much as 80 mg to 100 mg of calcium.

Get Lots of Seeds and Nuts

Seeds and nuts have very high mineral content.  They can match the mineral content of most vegetables.  Seeds and nuts can be used as flavoring for your meals.  You can also add them to your salad dishes.  Instead of snacking on junk, just eat different nuts to make your bones stronger.

Your best options in this category include sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, and flaxseeds.  These seeds contain as much as 200 mg to 255 mg of calcium per 100 grams serving.  If you prefer nuts, then Brazil nuts, almonds, and walnuts are your excellent choices.  Almonds can be roasted or made into butter but you can still get most of its mineral content.

Greens Are Always the Best

Good sources of calcium other than milk, green vegetablesNothing can beat the nutritional value of dark green vegetables.  Almost all vitamins and minerals can be found in your greens.  Whether you are on the looking for sources of calcium or not, you should always eat your vegetables because they can promote good health.

It is easy to meet the required quantity of calcium you need everyday by focusing on good sources of calcium other than milk, you simply have to focus on broccoli, spinach, cabbages, turnip greens, asparagus, okra, dandelions, and collard greens.  You can prepare them into vegetable salads or cook vegetable soup with different herb seasonings.  You can also combine vegetables with tasty nuts and grinded seeds.  You can never go wrong with vegetables.  Green veggies are not only healthy; they are also highly versatile foods.

These are very good sources of calcium (interesting to know is that the Danish term is Kalk kilder) and you should always include them in your daily diet.  You can also get your calcium from dairy products, fish, and meat.  However, not everyone can tolerate milk based products which is the reason why this post was meant to prove that their are other great sources of calcium other than milk!  Fish on the other hand is not too popular among many people especially children.  If you are not fond of fish and milk, then you can get your calcium needs from the previously mentionned green vegetables, seeds, nuts, and dried herbs. As you are probably aware, many people associate calcium with strong bones but you actually need some vitamin D sources if you truly want to take advantage of this benefit. Calcium without vitamin D does nothing for your bones! At the same time you can avoid common vitamin d deficiency symptoms which is starting to become more and more worrisome in the US. So, while aiming to add some calcium sources to your diet make sure you also have some vitamin d!

Lyuben Georgiev

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  • I’ve been keen to cut down my families dairy consumption for a variety of reasons. I started making a ‘milk’ out of water, seasame seeds, flax seeds almond powder and sometimes sunflower seeds. You need to blend it up for a while. Sometimes I add honey to make it more appealing for the children. Tastes good and it is rich in calcium.

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