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Choosing the right multivitamin to fit your personal needs will take some careful thought, consideration and research on your part. It can be a daunting task with the multitude of products available on the shelves today.

Your first task should be familiarizing yourself with the recommended daily requirements and proceeding from there. Next, calculating what you lack in your diet and what your lifestyle is like will play a major role in your final decision. For instance if you lead a sedentary life your choice will be considerably different than if you are a more active athletic type. Other factors to take into consideration would be pregnancy, if you are nursing a baby, age, gender, or any medical condition, in which case you should consult with your MD or a nutrition specialist. However, some things a pregnant women would need more would be omega 3 and folic acid (among others).

Eating a healthy well balanced diet of course is the preferred method of supplying your body with most of the vitamins and minerals it requires to function well, but for most people eating healthy is difficult. Busy lifestyles, poor choices and dislikes etc. create gaps in nutritional balance and poor eating habits. However, vitamin supplements should be used to supplement a healthy diet, not replace unhealthy eating habits. Vitamin rich food sources are still your best way to meet the daily requirements.

But even healthy well balanced diets cannot supply you with every nutrient your body requires on a daily basis. Vitamins and minerals play a critical role in preventing and treating infections and diseases and a good supplement can add extra health benefits to your daily regime.

If you are a healthy individual and it is simply your intent to enhance your already nutritious diet, the main things to look for would be a Multivitamin supplement and Omega-3 Fatty Acids (if you want to learn more about omega 3 and why it is important go check out this fish oil benefits post). Also, during winter times to prevent vitamin d deficiency symptoms it is best to take a supplement of vitamin D. Follow the recommended dosage on the label unless you have previously consulted with a specialist.

Read the labels and get to know the brand name. If you have any concerns, contact the company itself and ask questions. Look for ingredients on the label if you have allergies or sensitivities. Check for toxic substances i.e. lead or mercury. Look for an expiration date and you can’t find one, then don’t buy it.

While looking for the best multivitamin, you should keep in mind some of these tips.

  • While buying a multivitamin, you should verify the Certificate of analysis (COA) on the supplement which is a sign of the excellence of the supplement.
  • It is also very important that you use supplements which stick to GMP acquiescence principles, so that you get a product free from unsafe contaminants and includes the definite ingredients listed.
  • It is better that a multivitamin should be made by a trustworthy company that exhibits a quality control method.

Best Multivitamin for men

best multivitamin for menAlthough, every person needs a special arrangement of minerals, vitamins and herbs based on sex, age and health, some multivitamins are made especially for normal men and women. GNC, Xtend Life and Mercol a are the brands which execute almost all the essential criteria and thus can be considered as best multivitamins for men. However, I would recommend the “Just once men’s multi” as the best multivitamin for men. Why? Because it contains all the vitamins in a very desirable form (for example vitamin A is mostly in beta carotene). It’s very annoying that amazon does not put the exact nutritional content of their multivitamins on their website but once you receive it rest assured you will be able to see the multivitamin’s content. However, it has a poor amount of vitamin D, only 800 IU which is very poor especially during winter times so you might want to add a vitamin d supplement. In conjunction with minerals and vitamins, it also contains enzymes as well as herbs such as muira puama and ginseng which help in improving libido.  It also contains folic acid (folic acid benefits) along with B-Complex which is very good for immune system (I have another post for more  information on immune system vitamins), digestive system and heart. It also contains lycopene, zinc and saw palmetto. Zinc deficiency symptoms can be quite harmful and not many people know about the saw palmetto benefits. If you want to find it on amazon click here or the picture to the right.

Best Multivitamin for women

For women, there are “Opti Women” tablets which can be considered as the best multivitamins. There are “Pregnancy Plus Prenatal Multi”, “One-A-Day Women’s”, “Nature made for her” which provide essential vitamins and minerals to the women. Young women are also required to take iron, calcium and vitamins, to avoid osteoporosis and related problems in future. While pregnancy, they should take folic acid supplements to avert birth imperfections in infants. For women of age 50 or above, “The Kirkland Signature Mature Multi 50+” is the best multivitamin.

Investing in one’s own health today is a personal responsibility and vital in securing future health and well being.

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