Best Fish Oil Supplements & Fish Oil Dosage, What To Look For

While shopping for fish oil supplements you will most likely come across these 2 types.

  • Cod liver oil
  • Fish oil

It’s important to note that Cod liver oil is not fish oil. Cod liver oil is extracted from cod liver and is an excellent source of vitamins A and D but contains only a minimal amount of EPA and DHA (which is what’s in omega-3). Fish oils are extracted from the flesh of fatty fish like salmon and herring and are a great source for those who mainly want EPA and DHA. If your goal is to get fish oil supplements then you should aim for “real” fish oil because cod liver oil only has a minimum amount of what you normally want in fish oil and if you inhale enough of it to get the recommended amount you will most likely have inhaled way too much vitamin A and D at that point which on a long term basis is NOT a good thing. Excess vitamin A and D are not simply “thrown away” in your urine like Vitamin C, they are stored in your fat.
best fish oil supplement

Quality is important and a good fish oil dosage would be 650mg to 1g of fish oil per day. So far studies have shown that higher amounts of fish oil dosage, even up to 10g per day does little more to your body and is unnecessary unless you have a particular condition diagnosed by your doctor or are pregnant. Most fish oil capsules are around 1000mg (1g) and contain a certain % of DHA and EPA. You should aim for at least 18% DHA (180mg), more is better and a similar amount of EPA.. If you do not see these amounts on the bottle you probably should contact the company or simply not buy it. One of the best fish oil supplement can be found on amazon and is displayed to the right. This fish oil supplement is so far highly rated (4 out of 5 stars) and comes with 684mg of omega 3 per “pill” which should be more than enough.

Finally, one of the most important aspects of finding the best fish oil supplements is that you should make sure they are refined/well treated. Because fish oil still can contain some of the toxins that were in the initial fish. This is why when shopping for the best fish oil you probably want to look at if they remove the toxins from the oil during their manufacturing process. It’s also important to keep in mind that the fish oil supplement at the lowest price might be at this price point because it’s not well refined. Of course, the most expensive unit might not be the best fish oil especially for the price since at that point you might pay a lot for the brand. To avoid the important fish oil side effects you should try to get pharmaceutical grade fish oil which should have all heavy metals removed. This is especially important when taking fish oil during pregnancy because babies are even more affected by heavy metals like mercury!

Regardless of how much you want to spend, unless your confident about which company’s fish oil you want to buy it’s probably best to buy something in the middle of the price ranges and especially to read a few reviews if your buying it online (not because online supplements are of lower quality but because its VERY easy to find good reviews and specific information on the supplements). So keep in mind the fish oil dosage you are aiming for on a daily basis and either a few meals of fish a day or try to find the best fish oil supplement at a cost you find worthwhile!

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2 Responses to “Best Fish Oil Supplements & Fish Oil Dosage, What To Look For”

  • Steven P Foerder:

    The Kirkland fish oil you recommend from Amazon contains 300 mg of Omega-3, not 684mg per pill.

  • Thanks, I had changed the link a while ago due to an amazon product link update and I had replaced it with the wrong amazon Kirkland product!

    Here is the one I recommend if you want the most omega 3 (684mb) per capsule and it also a “enteric coating” so that you do not have “fish burps” or some other fish oil side effects that can happen with supplements. I will update the post. This one is however more expensive than the other one because while it has more omega 3 per capsule (684mg vs 300) it also has less softgels (180 vs 400). So it is definitely the best fish oil supplement if you are prone common fish oil side effects with fish oil supplements and if you want a higher fish oil dosage than 300. If you already eat fish 2-3 times a week than maybe the 300mg fish oil supplements are enough for you.

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