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Tips For Eating Healthy While On Vacation

A vacation is a time to relax and indulge. In a era where money is tight and a dollar doesn’t go as far as it used to, vacations are becoming fewer and further between for the typical American. When people are able to go on vacation they typically don’t want to be keeping track of things such as the amount of money they are spending or the amount of calories they are putting into their bodies. People often see a vacation as a time to cast reason and logic to the wind and indulge in food and drink, sometimes to regrettable extents. Fortunately, you can return home at same weight that you left if you have a simple game plan. Here are some easy tips to avoid bringing unwanted luggage home with you on your next getaway.

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Vitamin D and BodyBuilding

The Vitamin D benefits are widely known for its integral role in promoting skeletal health. While the importance of the D vitamin to the bones is undeniable it offers more than the promotion and regulation of calcium in the body. In recent studies, it showed that Vitamin D has cancer-fighting properties that may reduce risks of breast cancer, there were also research claiming that the sunshine vitamin can help address issues of depression. Unlike other types of supplements, the form most common in supplements which is Vitamin D3 does more than just helping the sick and diseased, several studies have suggested that the vitamin D3 benefits are also very important for bodybuilders.

Vitamin D, what’s in it for you?

It is an established fact that Vitamin D generates calcium absorption in the body thus creating a strong and healthy skeletal system. In addition, it also plays a pivotal role in having the muscles that can support the act of bodybuilding, in short Vitamin D benefits bodybuilders, weightlifters and other similar fitness enthusiasts.

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Diabetic Fruits And Vegetables

Eating of fresh vegetables and fruit more often is the advice preferred to diabetic diagnosis patients. Although this is an age of organic eating this does not mean that the fresh fruits and vegetable in your eating schedule need to be organic. The variation in the blood sugar level is quite unpredictable in different diabetic patients. The food that are safe or causing minimum rise of blood sugar level in one patient might be sufficient to shoot up the sugar level which is dangerous in another person. It is better to follow doctor’s instruction than to risk.

Diabetes is a disease that can be controlled easily when you focus on it carefully. In some people is so difficult to control the craving. Fruits and vegetables are the best choice to such people who yearn for something sweet. We all know that a fruit contains sugar which is fructose but is better than one tea spoon full sugar of sucrose. Because fructose it’s slow metabolized in the body to sucrose and glycogen but the low glycolic index makes it good for the diabetic patients.

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Blueberries Health Benefits

Blueberries health benefits seem too good to be true when you consider how yummy they are. In popularity for tastiness they rank second in consumption only to strawberries. But it is true. Blueberries have one of the highest concentrations of antioxidants in foods eaten in North America.

Antioxidants destroy free radicals which damage cellular structure. We’ve known this now for several years, but more research is being done regularly to discover new benefits of blueberries. And one of these wonderful new discoveries which will benefit many people is that freezing blueberries does not destroy their antioxidant properties. Another new discovery of benefits of blueberries is that in spite of their relatively higher Glycemic Index compared to other fruits, they still react positively on blood sugar regulation with persons with type 2 diabetes. Studies have also shown that organically grown blueberries are higher in many types of antioxidants present in blueberries than the commercially grown types.

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Red Yeast Rice Side Effects

Red yeast rice is fermented rice with a bright reddish purple color. The color is a result of being cultivated with the moldMonascusPurpureus. The rice itself is used in cuisine mainly for its color, but it does have a mild pleasant taste. It is also used to color foods such as pickled tofu and red rice vinegar and is used in the production of Japanese Saki and Korean rice wine among other wines and foods such as PekingDuck.

Medicinally red yeast rice has also been used for thousands of years in Chinese Herbology and Traditional Chinese Medicine. It has been documented as far back as 800 ADused to revitalize and invigorate the body and blood and to aid in digestion.

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Turmeric Health Benefits and Side Effects

Turmeric is a plant of the ginger family grown in temperatures ranging between 20 to 30 degrees celcius, typically in tropical South Asia where the turmeric health benefits have first been discovered. The part of the plants we get the spice we know as turmeric from are the rhizomes, which are sometimes used fresh, but mostly the rhizomes are boiled for several hours, dried in ovens, and then ground into the deep orange-yellow powder we are all familiar with.

As with many spices, turmeric has been known for centuries for its healing powers, and now in modern medicine is being studied extensively for different turmeric health benefits or side effects. According to the US National Institute of Health, there are currently 19 clinical trials to study the effects of culinary turmeric and curcumin (its active ingredient) for numerous clinical disorders. Among these disorders are Alzheimer’s Disease, cancer and arthritis. Lab tests have shown that turmeric has the ability to kill some types of cancer cells including the human leukemia cells. Speculation at this point in the studies is that it is possibly due to its antioxidant properties.

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Cinnamon Health Benefits

Cinnamon, who doesn’t love it! And its versatility rivals that of any spice in your cabinet. A teaspoon of cinnamon added to almost any favorite dish can give it diversity and a whole new flavor. A pinch of cinnamon sprinkled on top of your favorite hot beverage, cocoa, hot chocolate, coffee etc.—Wow—what a pick-me-up! Sprinkle it on toast with a little sugar, but be careful—you’ll want more.

So why not indulge, you’ll be giving more than your taste buds a treat. In the medical and naturopath world, cinnamon is enjoying much popularity. There are studies being done globally to research the health benefits of cinnamon for more than the benefits we are already aware of.

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Vitamin B6 Deficiency Symptoms

Vitamin B6, also called pyridoxine, is one of several water soluble vitamins manufactured by the human body. Vitamin B6 deficiency can pose a threat to the normal function of certain areas of the body. This is because Vitamin B6, sometimes called the mood vitamin, helps the brain, metabolism and other bodily functions perform at their optimal best. The vitamins facilitate the cells in communicating and metabolizing protein and fat; which provide proper energy.


Insufficient Absorption


Vitamin B6 deficiency symptoms usually manifest themselves in people who are older, have certain behaviors or conditions, taking certain medications or have poor eating habits which cause deficiency in this and other nutrients the human body needs. Vitamin B6 deficiency symptoms are often seen in people who have trouble absorbing the vitamin. Possible causes of insufficient absorption may include:


-Persistent diarrhea

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Six Pack Abs Diet

One of the most recent craze in fitness is the six pack abs diet. Both men and women desire that lean and muscular flat stomach seen on fitness commercials. Fitness experts and medical professionals alike agree that it takes hard work to achieve such results, including a diet for six pack abs as well as physical training. As this article will explain, a six pack diet is more than just cutting calories.


Six Pack Abs Diet and Metabolism


To achieve a flat stomach the six pack abs diet must help the body’s metabolism perform at optimal levels. In other words, the metabolism should be paced as high as possible. A person can change the way they eat, including how many times a day meals are eaten. A six pack diet usually replaces three meals per day with six smaller meals. The purpose for this is to help enhance the metabolism that burns calories and provides weight loss.

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Chia Seeds Side Effects

If you are thinking about eating chia seeds to improve health, possible chia seeds side effects should be taken into consideration before you begin. Consumption of chia seeds goes back to 3500 BC when the people of Central America ate them. Over time, the seeds were replaced by agricultural seeds such as corn. And while there is no doubt that chia seeds do provide certain nutrients and other health benefits, knowing the side effects of chia seeds can prevent problems with your health.


Chia Seed Side Effects on Blood Pressure


Chia seeds are known to help reduce blood pressure. But for people who are older, a potentially dangerous side effect can be very low level blood pressure. The chia seed side effects for people who are already taking medication to lower blood pressure are even greater since the seeds can cause an unsafe drop when combined with medication.

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