Attention Soda Drinkers: Reasons Why Soda Destroys Your Body and Health

We have all heard that drinking soda is bad for you, but do we all actually know the specific effects it has on our health?  Most likely the answer is no because the high-sugar drinks are just too tasty, cheap, and provide us with short lived energy throughout the day to give up.  Some just do not want to listen because they love soda so much, and some know what it does to their bodies so they use the diet forms as an alternative.  The truth is that even diet soda can have disastrous effects on your health in the long run.

One major problem that drinking soda can cause is ulcers.  An ulcer is an external or internal sore or lesion that is a sign of death of the tissues at a cellular level.  These usually appear on the stomach when it is exposed to high amounts of acid.  Ulcers are extremely painful and a wake-up call to anyone who is affected by them.  Although the use of probiotic supplements can be quite useful and is highly recommended, diet and lifestyle changes are important in healing and preventing ulcers.  One huge change they are recommended to make it to stop drinking soda all together.  Soda is the most acidic beverage available on the market, with an average pH level of about 2.5, the same level as vinegar!  If that isn’t enough for you to stop drinking soda, dump a can of pop and some vinegar on metal.  The acid in both of these substances oxidizes whatever they come in contact with; therefore they will cause the metal to rust.  Think about the horrible things it’s doing to the inside of your body, even if you cannot feel the effects now.

sodaSoda contains extremely high levels of phosphorus, a mineral that is needed by the body but can be dangerous in high amounts.  When the right amount of phosphorus is consumed, it aids in calcium absorption.  But when the opposite is happening and too much phosphorus is being consumed, it will leach calcium from the bones and have the opposite effect.  This will eventually lead to osteoporosis if soda is consumed regularly because bone density decreases to very low levels.  It is also a proven fact that individuals, especially children, who consider soda a staple in their daily diet have a higher chance of suffering from bone fractures.  Children today are exposed to soda more than ever before because of the amount of advertisement and misinformation.  It is likely that soda drinking is replacing or compromising milk their consumption of milk.  Don’t think that just because you drank a glass of milk at breakfast and a can of pop at lunch means that you are being healthy; that can of pop is reducing the amount the calcium from the milk from getting into your bones.

If ulcers and bone density do not matter to you, consider the appearance and health of your teeth!  Some people spend thousands of dollars on braces, teeth whitening, and other surgeries to improve how their teeth look.  But do they all think about how the foods and drinks they consume may end up destroying them?   Soda’s high sugar content has the ability to kill white blood cells—the components of the immune system that aid in killing harmful bacteria.  This means that the bacteria in your mouth have a better chance at destroying your tooth enamel.  Tooth enamel is important for protection, but when it is destroyed, teeth will break easily.  The dyes and other substances responsible for the color of soda can even have an effect of the color of your teeth.  If you want to keep your teeth pearly white and strong, it is extremely important to avoid soda…you may also want to consider using a natural whitener for teeth.

One of the biggest problems that regular soda drinking contributes to is weight gain.  Not everyone thinks about the calories in beverages.  Soda can be relatively high in calories, and when individuals are drinking several cans each day, they could be consuming extra calories resulting in weight gain.  A person might pay attention to the calorie amount in their bottle of soda, but it isn’t always easy to realize that most bottles contain at least two servings.  The calories in soda are also empty, meaning that they provide absolutely no nutritional value.  All of the carbohydrates come from sugar and many of the other ingredients are unnatural.  Also, consuming high amounts of sugar leads to weight gain not only from the calories.  Eventually, sugar levels will reach levels that are too high for the body to handle and they will begin to be stored as fat instead of carbohydrates.  It is known that high sugar consumption is a main cause of diabetes as well.

Ulcers, bone and teeth issues, and weight gain are just a few of the health problems that regular soda drinking can cause in the long run.  It is important to know that there are several other negative effects that soda has on the body.  Try to replace soda with a different drink like milk, water, or tea.  If you cannot do that, try to drink it in moderation.  You won’t be disappointed.


Brianna Elliot is a contributes to the blog quite frequently as well as it’s companion health and supplement website  She is a student at the University of Wisconsin – Stout, and enjoys doing what she can to stay healthy and fit.


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