Antioxidant Supplements

To start off with if you’re wondering why you might need antioxidant supplements and especially how do antioxidants work than here is a brief explanation. Antioxidants neutralize the free radicals in our bodies created by weakened and unstable electrons attacking stable molecules trying to steal their stable electrons. When this occurs, our body’s immune systems are weakened and we become susceptible to many illnesses and diseases.

Their are many antioxidant rich foods that we can eat on a daily basis. However, when our diets are compromised because of lack of time or poor choices, it may be necessary to provide our bodies with what it needs through antioxidant supplements.

Finding a good and effective antioxidant is a daunting task. Do your research and read labels. Find out what is in the product and research the ingredients. Talk to your doctor and your pharmacist as well. If your looking to buy an antioxidant supplement solution online you probably should check out amazon and read some of the user reviews. It’s quite hard to find information that is not affiliated to any company trying to sell you their own products so it’s best that you try out a few products that are highly rated on amazon as a base. If you want to get technical then do some research on the ingredients inside with the information we provide in this article.

Antioxidant supplements contain a combination of vitamins and minerals we normally would find in antioxidant rich foods, such as vitamins A, B2, C, E, the mineral Selenium, and carotenoids (beta carotene being the most commonly known and popular). Other carotenoids include lutein and lycopene. Antioxidant supplements also include enzymes such as coenzyme Q10 and cysteine.

Also present in antioxidant supplements are phytonutrients which are edible phytochemicals. Among these are lycopene, quercitin, lignans, sapponins, caechins, anthocyanins, beta carotene, and capsacin.

Choosing a complete and quality antioxidant supplement will take a lot of research and knowing what to look for.

antioxidant supplements

A great source of antioxidant supplements is green tea which can easily be found online on amazon

Ensuring it meets pharmaceutical industry standards is a high priority. This will ensure the quality of the ingredients in the product (purity and potency), the right ingredients in the product (what it states on the label is actually what is in the product), and the lack of unwanted contaminants such as mercury, lead, PCBs, and other plant material harvested with the plant used in the product. As well it ensures that the product actually dissolves in the body. Studies in Canada and the US were done which showed 54% of products did not dissolve at all leaving those taking them with a false sense of protection which is why liquid antioxidants have become quite popular.

The ingredients in an antioxidant may dissolve in your system, but there are many cheaper substitutes that are not easily absorbed. If they can’t be absorbed, they are of no value to you.

A good antioxidant supplement should be manufactured “inhouse” by the company and not contracted out. This ensures maximum quality control and monitoring.

In the case of antioxidant supplements, more is better. Not more of one kind, but more kinds. Antioxidants work better together than separately and the result of more types of antioxidants in one pill is a more effective supplement.

The best antioxidant supplements will also provide you with other vitamins, minerals and micro nutrients your body requires as well.

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  • Alexis:

    I was doing research on high antioxidant foods and came across the maqui berry. Turns out that this berry from South America has more antioxidants than any other fruit on the planet.

    Its good for detoxification to with its anti-inflammatory properties.

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