Almonds Health Benefits & Nutrition Facts

Keeping almonds on hand to snack on daily is not only easy, fast and delicious, but they’re also a smart choice because they contain there are many almonds health benefits. These health benefits of almonds are mostly due because they are packed with nutrients and high in monounsaturated fats which will help you keep your heart healthy.

Substituting almonds as a snack or adding them to salads and other dishes can lower your LDL cholesterol level and lower your risk of heart disease. One study showed that by substituting nuts for an equivalent amount of carbohydrates in a regular diet reduced heart disease by 30 %, and a 45% risk reduction when substituted for saturated fats found in meats and dairy products. These are high percentages and make ignoring the many health benefits of almonds quite hard!

almonds health benefitsWhen integrated into a complete healthy diet the health benefits of eating almonds compounds itself considerably. One study involving 12 people with elevated LDL levels showed an almost complete reduction in the LDL after only 2 weeks of committing to the diet which included almonds, other nuts, plant sterols, soy protein and soluble fibre.

Other almonds health benefits include how it’s a surprisingly helpful aid in weight loss. In spite of almonds being high in fats and calories, eaten in moderation they can actually promote weight loss. One study showed that the people who substituted almonds for 500 calories of their daily caloric intake lost more weight than those receiving their calories from other sources. One possible explanation for this is that a small portion of the fat in the almonds is not easily digested and therefore not readily absorbed by the body. So if you are considering diet plans to lose weight fast you might want to consider a natural diet that might help with weight loss you could combine almonds with a green tea for weight loss diet since both of these are pretty easy to implement!

almonds nutrition facts

Some of the almond nutrition facts for the container sold on amazon that is displayed to the left. These can be a guideline for the nutritional value of almonds in general.

Almonds are also packed with other nutrients beneficial to overall health. They are high in protein and low in carbohydrates, so are an excellent snack choice for diabetics. Almonds are great vitamin E foods, and also beneficial in the fight against heart disease and cancer, as it is a well known antioxidant. The fiber and calcium help to fight cancer, especially colon and rectal cancer.

Small but mighty, they deliver a nutritional wallop and eating just 1 ounce a day (about 20-25 almonds) can alter your risk of heart disease substantially. Some of the important almond nutrition facts are that 3 ounces of almonds gives you 105% of the daily recommended allowance for vitamin E and 60% of the recommendation for magnesium. Deficiency in magnesium has been associated with illnesses such as asthma, diabetes, osteoporosis and depression and in some cases magnesium is being used to treat the depression.

Also rich in calcium and magnesium (so you can make sure to prevent calcium deficiency symptoms & magnesium deficiency symptoms) they can help build and maintain strong bones and teeth. Almonds contain zinc, phosphorous and folic acid, which are all indisputably healthy elements for a healthy body. With most of the benefits of folic acid being such a critical necessity in pre-pregnancy and pregnant mothers for proper fetal development, almonds are always a good choice for women thinking about starting a family. On the topic of pregnancy, you might also want to look at fish oil during pregnancy which is also quite important because of omega 3.

So don’t forget to keep several small packages of almonds on hand to pack in your kid’s lunches or for yourself for work. No preparation required!

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