Almond Milk Benefits For Your Health

There are numerous reasons why more people are choosing to get information about almond milk benefits lately. Most commonly, a large number of people are allergic to cow’s milk or are intolerant of the lactose it contains. The taste of other milk alternatives, such as soy, rice and oat may be unpleasant to some individuals. Almond milk is not only pleasing to the palate but has several other benefits as well as you might expect if you’ve read our other post on the almonds health benefits.

Vitamins and Minerals

Almond milk is loaded with magnesium, selenium and Vitamin E. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that also protects cell membranes. The selenium in almond milk boosts the immune system and aids in thyroid function.

Some of the benefits of almond milk is that it’s a good source of protein, providing up to 12% of daily protein that is needed. The protein found in 10 almonds is equal to the amount found in a half pound of meat. Almond milk also contains beneficial fiber, folic acid, potassium and calcium.


The skin of almonds provides flavonoids that are good for cardiovascular health. Almond milk also reduces heart disease because of the unsaturated fat it contains. Selenium that is found in almond milk promotes good bone health and hormone production.

Almond Milk BenefitsAmong the many good health benefits of almond milk is its low calorie content. A glass of almond milk has less has 70 calories as compared to 86 calories of dairy milk. It does not contain cholesterol and saturated fats, making it a healthier alternative to dairy milk products.


Almond milk has a completely different taste than cow’s milk that is disliked by many people. It has a unique light nutty flavor. It is used to flavor coffee, tea, hot cereal and other dishes. Some people blend almond milk with dates to give it a sweeter flavor.


Unlike dairy milk, almond milk does not have to be refrigerated, even after it is opened. In fact, almond milk is sold in supermarkets on the identical shelf as other dry foods. This saves space in the refrigerator and is very convenient during road trips and camping excursions.


You can easily take advantage of the almond milk health benefits because it is widely available at a very reasonable cost. However, many people find it easy to make their own in order to reap the extensive list of almond milk benefits. Basically, almond milk is made from ground almonds and water that have been soaked, strained and blended. Complete instructions on how to make almond milk, along with how to use the residual pulp from almonds, can be found online and in bookstores. Other similar special milk’s you might want to try to take advantage of are the coconut milk benefits which is something that many people enjoy the taste of.

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