A Healthy Diet is the Best Multi-Vitamin

These days too many people are caught up in how to make themselves healthy with the least amount of effort.  What’s the easiest way to lose weight?  How long do I need to work out?  More often than not, the simplest route is not the best or the healthiest and this applies to vitamins as well.  This article is not about pushing you away from vitamins because they do provide many valuable benefits, but they are not a substitute for a healthy, balanced diet.  They are called supplements for a reason.

Why vitamins are good

healthy foodsVitamins are an amazing product that allows people to increase their consumption of certain important vitamins and minerals that are important to their health.  Take for instance a woman who is lactose intolerant.  She has osteoporosis in here family, but it’s hard for her to prevent calcium deficiency symptoms to her bones when her body does not like dairy products.  Calcium vitamins are an amazing supplement to her diet to help where she is lacking.  A great second example would be for a vegetarian.  Vegetarians eat a diet loaded with healthy vitamins from a diet full of fruits and vegetables, but they lack some benefits of meat and risk protein deficiency symptoms.  A protein supplement may be a healthy addition to their diet.  They may also lack iron from the lack of meat and fish oil supplements will help add essential fatty acids like omega 3 6 9.

What they lack

Now that we’ve talked about some of the many uses of vitamins and supplements, let’s talk about what they lack.  No person should assume that they could eat a multi-vitamin in the morning and pig out on Donuts and Cake the rest of the day because they’ve taken care of the healthy stuff.  Fruits and vegetables are loaded with healthy fiber and natural roughage that works its way through your system, cleaning your digestive tract.  Natural enzymes help our body digest the essential vitamins in these foods and there is no risk of getting too much of a certain vitamin.  Plus, if you aren’t eating a balanced, healthy diet to get the essentials, it raises the concern of what you are eating instead, and that might be what poses the most risk.

What you should be eating

As I just mentioned, one of the biggest threats is what your diet might consist of if you rely on pills for your vitamin intake.  If you’re not eating healthy meals of fresh, natural food, what are you eating?  Frozen dinners loaded with preservatives, snacks full of refined sugars, and fast food?  An unhealthy diet poses one of the greatest risks to your health.  Being overweight leads to increased risks of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, etc.  There are unknown risk factors associated with a diet made up mainly of processed foods.  If you want to be healthy, considering vitamins as a supplement, but having a balanced diet and exercise are still the best ways to make your body happy!

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