7 Ways to Trick Yourself Into Eating Less

The secrets to losing weight are not only eating right and exercising, but also learning to trick our minds into not indulging on foods that we don’t really need. Here are seven ways that you can eat less and fool your body without torturing yourself:

1) Never go grocery shopping on an empty stomach. By going with a full belly, the wafting aromas from the bakery and deli counters won’t tempt your stomach. You will also be less likely to binge on those enticing chocolate bars and junk food snacks they keep stocked by the checkout lines.

2) Drink warm water with every meal. Hot water and hot tea help give the sensation that your stomach is full which will limit your food intake.

3) Eat with the proper-sized utensils. If you use a teaspoon instead of a normal-sized tablespoon and eat off of a salad plate instead of a large dinner plate, you will exert twice the amount of energy to consume the same amount of food. Your brain will then signal that you are full much earlier than you are used to.

4) Limit your sweets. If you are one of those who has to enjoy a bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream late at night, limit yourself to divulging in this treat only once a week (for example, Saturday) and gradually decrease the amount to one day a month (say, the last Saturday of every month). This will teach patience and will still satisfy your cravings.

5) Use the right color plates. White, orange, and red plates are known to help increase your appetite. Black, blue, or green plates will help curb cravings.   Some even go so far as to purchase tablecloths in these colors to help trick their minds even more!

6) Know your foods. Oftentimes, certain foods are marketed under the impression that they are “fat-free.” While they may seem healthy, they are actually loaded with sugar and sodium to help add flavor. Also, many people consume much more of these foods assuming they are good for them when in reality they are not. Be sure to read labels before eating “fat-free” foods.

7) Participate in an activity. Stress is one of the most common reasons people overeat. Do something fun when you feel stressed, like play online games, read, or go for a walk. Don’t let your mind try to convince you that food is the only cure for stress and depression!

Cock-eyed optimists look at the world through rose-colored glasses but when it comes to your stomach, what you eat doesn’t need to be larger than life.


Sara Roberts is a content contributor for Just Eyewear, an eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses retailer.


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